Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Black Eyes and bruises

So, My cute little Zhoee wanted to do my hair and make-up this morning. I remember thinking when she was putting on the dark blue eye shadow and red blush that I'd have to check out the work she did right when she finished up. But.... The phone rang, then the dryer beeped, then the dishes were calling my name to be put in the dish washer and so on and so on........ At noon we ate lunch and Zhoee was waiting for our neighbor to pick her up for school. I walked her to the door and my friend asked about my eyes. I just felt dumb (totally forgetting about our earlier make-up session) and thought she just thought I looked different because I hadn't put any make-up on today. Then she looked a little worried and asked if I was hurt. I laughed so hard... I hadn't even looked in the mirror all morning long. I ran to look and IT WAS BAD!!!! My poor friend admitted it went through her mind that Bart might beat me!!!!! It looked like I had been bruised from cheek to cheek. HA!!! I washed my face as soon as they left for pre-school.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thirty-One years old-and still alive to tell about it!!!

Yesterday was Bart's 31st Birthday! We surprised him at work with some balloons and treats and then we all went to lunch: Zhoee, Bostyn, me, and Bart. Jadon was at school and we missed him!!! (He doesn't know he missed anything, there was cake and ice cream when he got home and that's all he cared about) The workers at Applebee's sang Bart a snazzy little Birthday song and Bart said it was worth the embarrasment to get a free sundae!! Bart is choosing a new computer for his mountain bike for his present!!! What a bummer that he had to spend his birthday night chasing three kids around the gym while I had volleyball games (We won the championship, by the way!!!!). He didn't complain, but supported me and had fun with the kids. Bart your a great husband and father and we love you so much!!!!
I just hope I never get as old as you :)

This is usually what he wears in the morning hours, Jammies, mismatched shoes, and a coat.
Sorry about my yucky floor, I was just ready to mop, I swear!!!

As I place many of my posts in our scrapbook I need to document how funny this little guy of ours is.....Bostyn has some FUNNY little quirks going on in this stage of his life and Bart and I would be sad if we didn't remember these cute little things when he turns into a mean and nasty teenager.
1. He has to put on his shoes first thing in the morning. Only a diaper on? Jammies on? Dirty diaper? Doesn't matter, he needs shoes on as fast as possible and he will BUG us to death until we surrender to putting on the mismatched shoes he is holding up to us.
2. He always needs a coat on. No, our house is 68 degrees and perfect for me and Bart (some of his family would argue our house is COLD) but he just likes having his coat on, he thinks it means he'll go outside soon. He ALWAYS wants to be outside. Blizzard, rain, or shine he wants to be in the backyard pushing himself on his bike, pushing his big tonka trucks or climbing up and down the ladder to the treehouse. Although since we've gotten Dex, Bostyn has loved just running around with him.
3. All the sudden he has to have a blankie! He doesn't really have a particular favorite he just needs any of his blankets that are in sight. If he sees three blankies lying on his bed, he brings all three and he's not happy until he's wrapped in all three.
4. This boy is the sweetest thing there is. He absolutely loves his nightime routine and he's so fun and easy to put to sleep (unlike his sister). He just chooses a few books, jumps right on his bed, and lays down ready to read. When the few books are finished he waves at either me or Bart and says Ny-Night! That's it! We turn of his lamp, close his door and see him in the morning. He's an angel.
5. His paternal instincts are not quite up to par for the time being. He ABSOLUTELY LOVES to push Zhoee's little doll stroller all over the house. We have the perfect house for winding around in figure eights all over the main level. But, if you try to put a baby in there for him.... He throws it out and replaces it with one of his small trucks of 4-wheelers and he'll continue to stroll away and give them a ride.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Simplifying Our Life

It's really come to our attention over the last few months how busy we are. There is not ONE night where we both get to just BE HOME. We each have busy church callings and we play sports and I coach volleyball, it's just gotten too crazy. It's to the point where we look ahead into the week and know we won't have a chance to even sit down and talk to each other until Sunday afternoon and it can be a sad feeling knowing you can't spend more time at home because you've taken on TOO MUCH. Bart and I are both the type that enjoy being active and busy, but just not this busy. So, even though I only work a couple days a week teaching 4th grade (which I have really enjoyed being able to do with my awesome MOM), I turned in my resignation papers last week. Yep, I'm going to be at home FULL TIME!!! I really love coaching and I'll still continue to do that. But, we both recongnize that we'll have to say "NO" to playing some sports, magnify our callings in the simplest way possible, and spend a little more time PLAYING with our kids!!! Isn't that what life's really about? Wish me luck! This feels like a GREAT decision!

"YUM, That cupcake was tasty" -The little bit that actually got inside my mouth.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Bostyn Loves Dex

Bostyn calls Dex's name all the time. He doesn't say the "x" though so it sounds like "deh".


Bart taught Bossy a new trick over the weekend.
How cute is this?

March Weather



Thursday, March 5, 2009

What a week!

Well, between Zhoee and Bostyn being diagnosed with RSV and then Bossy getting croup, life hasn't been too fun this week. I feel so bad for them. They've both had a very hard time sleeping, very congested, and their coughing sounds so horrible. Last night made me think they are starting to get a little better because it was the first night (of the last week) we weren't up ALL night. They each woke up a few times but they went right back to sleep after a drink or more medicine and, of course, after getting in bed with mom and dad. It's so exhausing taking care of the two little sicklings 24/7; I'm in need of a very long nap!
The reason for this blog is this: Zhoee just walked out of the bathroom and while pulling up her pants said, "Mom, I'm sure glad Jesus gave me this body. He's so nice to make a nice, cute one for me, huh"
WOW!!! She thinks alot of herself doesn't she! It's our fault, I don't think the girl goes 1/2 hour without me or Bart telling her how beautiful she is.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The business man

I'm not talking about Bart!!! Jadon and Zhoee have always enjoyed playing "store". They rumage through toys in the toy room set them on a table and buy, sell, and trade with fake money or paper. But, this weekend Jadon has set up a "store" in his room. He keeps calling Zhoee in there to buy things and he's quite the salesman. He'll pull out something that has been laying around in the toy room and talk it up like it's a diamond ring or an item she just can't live without. Then she asks me for quarters or even dollars so she can buy these things. I tell her she has to earn money by doing jobs. So, there goes Jadon again, encouraging her to do jobs so she can earn money to give him for dumb little toys she could just play with anyway if she'd go down in the toy room and scroung up her own. We had a talk about how he's taking advantage of her but he made it clear that he didn't see it that way. Oh, what do you do!!!