Sunday, January 2, 2011

Oh, Bostyn

I just wish I could have a video camera on this boy every second to capture his little attitude, body language, and tone of voice as he says silly things.....That is what really make his words funny.

He hit us with these two comments back to back in a two min. time span the other night.....
Zhoee left to go to Tangled (again) with Grandma and the rest of us were sitting down for dinner. Bart thought he was being sneaky by bringing rootbeer in from the garage to have with dinner. He poured him and Bossy a drink and we sat down for the prayer.
Bossy wanted to say it:
Prayer went as usual and he asked that Dad would be blessed driving to and from work (even though he had already been home for 1/2 hour) then he asked for help and Bart said "bless Zhoee while she's gone." Bossy looked us with a shocked look and said, "Zhoee can drive now?"

Then while eating Bart said I was a good cook and dinner was yummy. Bossy said, "No, Daddy is a really good cook." I asked what Dad had made to contribute (I was a little offended)
Bossy, with a "duh" attitude: "Well.... Pop!!!
Oh seriously!!!