Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lagoon 2009

My mom and J were on the roller coaster when it started pouring, they were SOAKED!!!

WOW! Lagoon was a little different this year being that we have a tall 7 year old who can ride ANY ride! Bart and J had a great time riding together- J dared to do it all: Jet Star, white roller coaster, Rocket, Screamer, and he was on his way to Colossus with me but, it was 11:00pm and closing up so he didn't get to ride it but he had a fun time. I stayed with Zhoee and Boss most the time and they couldn't have had more fun on the kids rides. Thanks Mom and Dad Romer for providing us with an awesome Lagoon Day year after year!!! At about 7pm it started downpouring!!! We ditched the line we were in, even thought we were about on the ride and had waited 45 min. We ran to the nearest shelter and waited out the rain for a little while. Luckily I had a change of clothes for everyoen in the van so we ran to the van and after it had cleared up Lagoon was practially empty- we ran right on every ride!!!!! Here are some shots:

Friday, June 26, 2009

In memory of M.J.

It was a HUGE feat for me to wake up early this morning to run. I like going at night so it's dark and cool outside, but mostly because I have a hard time getting up any earlier than the kids. But, as I ran I listened to some good old Michael Jackson songs and, you know, he was GOOD, heck he was AWESOME!!! In high school I remember I would always take my dads MJ greatest hits CD and we wore the thing out. He'll truly be missed. I had no idea he was going on tour again but I would have loved to see him.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bart ran in the Wasatch Back last weekend. We had so much fun watching and cheering for him. The kids and I decided last minute to get a hotel and stay up in Park City for the weekend. The hotel was nice and the kids loved the pool (thank you priceline). Good Job Bart, You did great!!! He has inspired me to become a runner. I'm trying!!!

Six of his team members
Whahoo! Bart!! What a good looking runner

Bart can see!!!

In my attempts to catch up with blogging I need to tell everyone how awesome our lives have been since Bart got his lasik surgery done about two weeks ago.
For the past year Bart contacts have really been irritating his eyes and he has gotten multiple infections in his eyelids which made him resort to his glasses alot. He was just so sick of having to deal with glasses and contacts that we decided to get lasik done. We went in about 7am and I watched his eyes getting lasered on the TV in the waiting area. Pretty gross if you ask me. I'm sad I didn't have the camera or video camera because it would have been fun for him to see afterwards. Anyway, Bart went in the next morning and he was 20/15 in both eyes!!! We played in a softball tourney that night and he went on and on about how he could see the ball come off the bat so clearly and he didn't have itchy contacts in. When he ran in the Wasatch Back he commented that he didn't have to worry about solution and cases and eye drops and all that junk. It's been 2 weeks and HE LOVES IT!!! He highly recommends it to anyone who deals with contacts everyday.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Arizona June 3-10

Zhoee, Jadon and I drove to Arizona to see Kelsie and Isaac and my new little niece Adlee. We had a fun time and did a lot of swimming. We picked up my neices, Alex and Mikala in (who took a train to SLC from Elko, NV) and dropped them off in Las Vegas to stay with my sister-in-law and her kids. We enjoyed the nice weather and the kids actually did a good job driving.
Looking at the pics of that cute little Adlee makes me sad because I didn't get to hold her nearly as much as I would have liked to. Zhoee would insist it was her turn to hold her every time I went to pick her up. Isn't she beatiful.

On our way back home we stopped and took some pics of the new bridge they are building over Hoover Dam. It was so neat to see such an amazing structure being built.

Gus, Mikala, Bella, Zhoee
They love this park in Las Vegas. We try to stop here every time we visit.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I looked out the window and what did I see?

Child-made mud puddles and this......

They didn't enjoy mom squirting them off with cold water before coming inside!
They were so muddy.