Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Spending time in Elko

We zonk out in the wee hours of the morning!
The boys play lots of basketball

Zhoee must try on every dress-up outfit there is.
I LOVE this pouty picture of her
More basketball
Grandpa holds Nayvi

Boating in Elko

The wind was so strong Nayvi and I spent most of our time here in the suburban.
It was so windy but Bart made sure everyone who wanted a tube ride got one.
Zhoee and Boss getting in
Nayvi slept well in the camping chair


In the middle of July Barts Parents both retired and they've had a jam packed schedule of vacations, camping, reunions, spoiling grandkids, and relaxing ever since. We went to Elko for a surprise retirement party for them. Here are some pics......

Recieving some gifts

yummy food

Bart and his Dad
Taniel, Richard, Tiffani, Bart

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Back to School

We've had such a fun summer! In the spring when school was coming to an end I scheduled everything I could and signed the kids up for play groups, swimming lessons, sports, dance, etc... making darn sure we wouldn't be bored. I think I went a little overboard and exhausted myself. Four BUSY kids has sure made for a crazy and fun summer though.
I used to be so sad when it was time for school to start because it meant leaving my kids and arranging babysitters while I taught school. Sometimes I miss it now, but I do absolutely love staying at home with the kids.
That being said, I'm now, among the many moms, ready for school to begin. Ready for an actual "bed time",and not just letting the kids fall asleep in their swimsuits, or carrying them up to bed as they fell asleep during a movie. I'm ready for routines and schedules and homework. The summer always starts off with great intentions for keeping up a schedule but after a couple drive-in movies till 2am, camping trips, concerts and movies that don't begin till dark, swimming all day long, baseball games, etc..... We are left with staying up late, sleeping in, reading only a couple times a week, and skipping on chores. AHHHH!!!
Jadon is going into third grade, Zhoee is in morning kindergarten and I'm going to cherish picking her up from school and still having her home 1/2 a day one more year. Bostyn is going to pre-school 2 mornings a week which he will LOVE. and, as for me, I'm just going to snuggle and play with Nayvi while she is the only one home with me because TIME goes by way too fast.

Happy going back to school everyone!!!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Summer stuff

Dex loves camping
Bossy on a ride.

Bart's side of the family had a reunion up in Idaho past Preston. It was absolutely beautiful and the weather was perfect. It rained a few times which made it even better!!!

The three boys: Tate, Bostyn, and Gus

Bart and Bostyn: Bart went on a ride with a big group and took Bostyn, thinking it would be a couple hours. Over 5 hours later they returned. WOW!!

Bostyn was so filthy!!!!!

He was so exhausted from playing and riding he zonked out by the

trailer while pushing his truck.

We attempted to clean the kids up before bed.
I'm wondering why all the pics are of Bostyn?? We let Jadon and Zhoee go off and play and I made Bossy play close to camp??
Zhoee and Bossy by the fire.
I tried feeding Nayvi cereal and she loved it and ate it all!!! Then the next few tries she hated it and spit it all out. HUMMMM, is she a girl or what?