Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Morning

Jadon and Zhoee each got little indoor tents!!! Everything else revolved around playing in the tents!

What an enjoyable Christmas! The kids are at such fun ages. The toys they really get excited about and enjoy playing with are fairly inexpensive soo.... You can just spoil them. I don't know how we feel about the years to come when all they'll want are high tech computers, video games, and electronics. AHHHHH! We really had a fun time this Christmas. I do have to say the best parts were the traditions of being with family, reading about Christs' birth, watching the beautiful snow storms and enjoying the white Chrsitmas, setting out and reading all the Chrismas and winter books throughout the month, and playing with our children.
Grandma and Grandpa Romer, Carlie, Kelsie and Isaac all came over bright and early to watch the kids open the gifts from Santa and eat breakfast. Then we opened more presents later at the Romers house.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Nativity Tradition

Every year since I can remember we have performed the Nativity as read in Luke. This year Jadon was Joseph and Bostyn was baby Jesus (until Zhoee took his place) Jadon made me proud. He picked up on his cue to walk out and he stood so still and just listened so carefully. He can be such a sweetheart!!!! Good job, J!!!
Jadon, in his mothers interpretation of what clothes Joseph would have worn. (sorry, J)

Zhoee really likes her cousin Kaylee and took over as baby Jesus so she could sit on Kaylee's lap.
After the Nativity, we held our anual talent show. Jadon really wanted to be apart of it, even though our family hadn't prepared anything. Jadon walked right up there and told Great Grandma Jarrett he wanted to do something and turned to face everyone in the audience and said, "Now, I want us all to sing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" So he started singing and we all followed. I'm not sure if his intentions were for everyone to sing or for him to sing solo but.... We all sang and I enjoyed watching him lead us all.

Zhoee's, 3 sizes too small, Robe

I took Bostyn up for a bath while the kids finished their outdoor adventure sledding with Dad. Zhoee came upstairs with her mittens soaking wet, and wanting to get in the tub with Bossy. I let her, big mistake, and she kept splashing him and wanting to hold him. He, of course, was patient as ever and just dealt with it. I was annoyed and kept asking her to just let him sit up and play but... after so long I had to get him out and dried off. Zhoee saw I was getting out his little robe to slip on him and begged to have it for herself. She jumped right out of the tub and insisted on wearing "Bossons wobe" She grabbed it and ran, soaking wet and naked, into her room. I finished getting Boss ready and out of her bedroom Zhoee trotted. She came out looking like this.... and luckily my camera was on hand.

Bostyn was realizing the robe did look better on him.


We were lucky enough to get tons of snow on Christmas Eve!!!! Looks like we're going to have a white Christmas! The kids were frantically throwing on their gloves, hats, and boots to help dad shovel the snow so we could be ready to leave for the Christmas Eve party at Grandma Jarretts house. Bart made sure the kids got a little sledding in before shoveling. It was absolutely beautiful outside and I was so pleased with the thought of a white Christmas the next morning.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Even worse than being married to his sister (last blog),I'm afraid Jadon might be experiencing his first "crush"

I coach Volleyball on Wednesday nights and the kids come for the first 5-10 minutes until Bart comes home from work to take them home with him. Tonight Jadon opted to stay for the whole time with me becuase he absolutely loves to run laps with the girls. He certainly proved to be a champion ball shagger and kept himself tired running around chasing the balls. At the end of practice he begged to play volleyball with one of the girls (His mother would not do). Sophie, a girl on our team, volunteered to toss him the ball. She talked to him and encouraged him and really made him feel special. Well, on our way out to the car after practice I could hear him whispering her name. (probably practicing it becuase he had called her "Soshie" a few times and we had to correct him.) The entire car ride home all I heard was, "I want to come to your next practice to play with Sophie" and "Sophie is sure nice; I like her", "Can Sophie play with me next time too?" and "Don't you think Sophie likes me a lot?" Oh, goodness, I thought girls were supposed to have cuties until he was like 15.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Wedding in the Family

Not only one of our children got married today, Jadon and Zhoee both did; And to each other. I just couldn't be more proud.
Jadon and Zhoee and have been playing non-stop together for the last 2 hours. I haven't even had to intervene during the usual fight every 10 minutes. They just came upstairs from the toy room and told me they just got married and now have twins. Jadon even said they could kiss now that they were married but he didn't want to. (Yes!!! As far as he knows kissing is gross, and I want it to stay that way, Except for kissing his mom and dad, of course)Their kids names are Alison and Shrek and they are beggin me to help them build their hut in the family room for their starter home.

Christmas Village

What a fun night!!! After a little Christmas shopping, we went to Christmas Village in downtown Ogden. This is a family tradition of ours; We usually go the same night Bank of Utah has their open house and Bart needs to be there late anyway. But it seems like this year we're doing everything a little later. (I can't believe there's only a week til Christmas.) The lights were beautiful, hot chocolate was hot, and the kids were entertained. We were just a couple minutes late and they had closed off the line to see Santa, so that was a little disapointing but.... Even better, in my opinion, was seeing and petting Prancer and Blitzen. Yep, the actual reindeer right from the North Pole. Bostyn slept nice, warm, and cozy in the stroller the entire time. Jadon did worry about not seeing his name on the "nice lists" which were part of the decorations in about 4 of the small embellished houses in the village. (Good, it gives him something to for) Next is Temple Square over the weekend, hopefully!

Friday, December 14, 2007

I Finally won! well...kinda

We went to our ward Christmas party tonight! After dinner we had a fun slide show which had the year in review and picture from lots of activities. So, we were entertained with picture of Jadon and Zhoee at the primary water party, Bart winning the hoola-hoop contest this spring, who woulda thought! The best pic was me doing something in nursery like 3 days before I had Bostyn. I purposfully didn't have any pics taken for that very reason. Anyway, during the slide show everyone had a chance to guess how many pieces of candy were in this huge jar. I told Bart to come with me and put in a guess and he just gave me a look like, "are you kidding, I don't wanna waste my time" So, I cleverly thought I'd give us a better chance by putting in a guess for him and for myself. (I am so stinkin competetive, I want to win everything) So when they announced the winner just guess who won. YEA!!!! Bart. The sad think was that I have always been so terrible at those games. I guess way too high or way too low, but the one time I win, I don't really win!!!! The kids were quite happy to take home the candy jar. It was a fun party and we have some great friends in our ward.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Our fashionable make-up artist

I don't even know how to explain these pictures, but I swear I put her in some matching non-hoochie clothes this morning. She goes upstairs to her room for 3 min. and this is what she comes down looking like. I don't know where she gets it from. Sorry for those of you who don't think it is appropriate to see little girls cracks. I thought is was hilarious, she didn't even act like it was unconfortable or anything; She was very proud of her outfit. (Dark make-up all over one side of her face, swimsuit over her sweater, pants without any underwear, and who knows how she got her "blankie" to stay on her head like that!)

World Record Meltdown

Well, after kindergarten Jadon, Zhoee, Bostyn and I went to the library. Jadon chose some books and a movie and to motivate him to clean his room I told him we absolutly would not watch the movie or read the books until his room was clean. I offered to help as long as he was cleaning too. (He usually helps for 3min. until he sees something he wants to play with) I told him I would leave and go do other jobs if I was the only one working. So I had to leave a few times and on about the fifth try he had a complete meltdown. This was not your average meltdown that you may have witnessed before with other children. This was a full out, lose all control, scream like a two year old, throw yourself on the floor, kick the wall, MELTDOWN. Anyway, I left the room and I could hear things getting messier as he threw clothes around. 2 min. later it was silent and he was fast asleep. Wow!!!! But after his nap he politly came and said he wanted to get his room cleaned and asked for my help. Sometimes naps are still necessary, even for 5 year olds.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Our Gingerbread House

Well, I wish I could say I stayed home all day and baked our gingerbread and made good homemade icing but.... This is as good as it gets, and the kids couldn't have had more fun. We were at Costco, of course getting diapers, and we saw these kits with the gingerbread, gingerbread people, icing, and tons of candy. Jadon said he would be really extra super way good if I let them get it. Soooo..... I caved. What fun. The kids had a great time even if they did eat more candy than they put on the house. I tried to control them at first and then decided "whatever", kids will be kids!!!

Zhoee made her own tie

Zhoee made a tie "like daddy's" She was tearing apart the Christmas tree because she thought the ribbon were making great ties. She kept taking more and more off and putting them around her neck saying "me tie, like daddy". Yes, Bart does have to wear a tie 5 days a week, and he looks great!!!! He's always grateful for casual Fridays and grubby Saturdays. (Are you as nervous as I am about her putting her ties on backwards???)