Monday, August 31, 2009

2nd Grade

Jadon started 2nd grade today!!!

Goin to the County Fair

Bostyn stole J's sunglasses and insisted on wearing them all day!
I thought he looked pretty cute!
My uncle has a singing group, Sunshine and Rain, who sings every year at the fair. Bossy wanted to show off his moves on the dancefloor!
I don't know where he learned the "leg drag" move!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Birthday Girl!

She got to open one present first thing in the morning. Barbies and Barbie furniture!! Tons of it!
Her room very quickly became a fun disaster!
Then she got stung by a bee when she was playing outside with Dex!
After Jadons meeting with his new teacher we went to Chuck E. Cheeses'! The kids love that place. Bart was able to meet us there and the kids played and played. Zhoee thought that was a pretty fun party.

And that evening: Cake and Ice Cream and presents from grandparents! What a spoiled little girl. We stopped by Clint and Megans house on our way home from Chuck E. Cheese and when we were ready to leave, Zhoee stood there by their door and said, "Is there something you need to say to me?" Megan quickly said, "Happy Birthday!!!" (for the 20th time) Zhoee nodded and said, "Yes, that's it." What a weirdo! She was very happy it was HER day!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our Sweetheart!

I definitly have a quick responce in getting worked up. I'm not the "stay calm" type of person. So, the other day when we were at Bear Lake and Bart was walking back to the shore with Jadon and Zhoee it only took me a second to get VERY stressed when I turned my head and couldn't see Zhoee walking by him anymore. I hurried over to the suburban to check if she went in there...nope. I frantically looked at Bart and asked where she went. He didn't know either. Honestly it had been probably 30 sec. since I saw her but I got the sick feeling in my stomach and my adrenaline started pumping like CRAZY. I started freaking out looking on either side of the beach... NO Zhoee. I rounded up the help of the people sitting by us and went on my way not really knowing what to do but freak out and keep searching and asking people if they've seen a girl in a blue swimsuit. (I get this quality from my mother: We have the ability to over exagerate and freak out and take a situation from calm to FREAK OUT in a matter of miliseconds) In my over exagerative way, I pictured my baby girl being abducted like you see on the news and her not being here for me to see in the morning, for me to hold when she gets hurt, or play barbies with. (keep in mind it had been probably 3-4 min altogether) Not long... but when you can't see your daughter in a crowded beach.. forever) All the sudden Bart signaled to me that he saw her way down the beach. It was the biggest relief I have ever felt. I just think back to picturing her not with our family not here with us and I get sick all over again.
My point: I love this little girl so much and I would do anything for her! I didn't understand just how much until I thought it she was lost and I coundn't find her. It's a feeling only a mom can feel. A love so strong and unchanging no matter the circumstances. I think of how stinking annoying she can get when she acts like she is 16 and has that attitude like...."I know everything mom, duh" AHHH! At those times I just pray that she'll always have good friends and make good choices and know who she is and know her potential when she really is 16. She is so special and beautiful and I know my Heavenly Father loves Bart and I so much to give us this happy, playful, smiley little girl!!!
I am grateful for how happy she makes me, for her willingness to help me. She's always the one that volunteers to help me or her brothers. If Bart and I are ever having a conversation about something serious (if we're not laughing or kissing) she say's calmly, "Please stop fighting." She's so sweet how she wants every moment to be full of fun and laughter and she thinks things just aren't right if we're not laughing. When the boys are being rowdy and rough I can usually count on her to opt to play barbies quietly or help me with the dishes or cooking.
She has the most amazing imagination and makes me smile when I hear her pretend phone conversations with friends or when she is Hannah Montana and I hear the words she sings into her pen microphone instead of the right words.
I say I hate this but, I actually LOVE how she almost always sneaks into our bed early in the morning and snuggles right up to me or Bart and kicks the covers down so we don't have any.
I could go on and on about our buggy!!!! (she has agreed that Bart can now call him this nickname he's always called her- she used to argue she wasn't a buggy) She always makes us smile!

We love you Zhoee!!! Happy 4th Birthday!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Bear Lake

We went up to Bear Lake for the day on Sat. The weather was perfect and we were having such a great time we were sad we weren't prepared to camp and had to go home that evening.
How happy is he? He insisted on bringing his bike!! What would he do? he lives on this thing.
Jadon was trying to run from the camera.
The kids played so well! They LOVED the sand.

Dex loved to run through the shallow water.

Is that David Hasselhoff?

Willard Peak Ride

Friday night Bart, Jadon, and I enjoyed a ride up to Inspiration Point!! AKA: Willard Peak! It was such a nice ride and the weather was perfect. You can see Logan, Brigham, Ogden.. and even into Layton and SLC, the Great Salt Lake, and Willard Bay! Gorgeous views and a great ride. I told Bart that I didn't care to go to the sand dunes anymore... This is the type of riding I really enjoy! I came to the turn of a switchback going a little too fast and ended up tipping over my 4-wheeler. The next day my leg hurt really bad; Bart thinks I pulled my groin muscle. Not fun!!!
Me and Jadon

Me, Bart, Jadon
Jadon was trying to spot our old house in Farr West.


This is a picture of the yummy produce I got participating in Bountiful Baskets. It's and awesome program!
In my attempts in couponing: I always see these pictures of like $100.00 work of stuff that they claim to pay $5.67 thanks to planning and couponing. Well this was my day! I went to Albertsons a few weeks ago and got a high from this shopping trip! I ended up paying: $3.87 for all this:


The Floyd and Colleen Tucker Reunion!!!!
We traveled to Southern Utah for a family reunion the first part of August! We had so much fun 4 wheeling, hiking, relaxing, and just camping and getting away from it all.

Almost all of Barts brothers and sisters were there. We were just missing Garrett and Trisha!
Our Bossy
Zhoee and Bella
The boys on a hike.
Tate and Bostyn with their trucks and 4-wheelers

Early one morning Bossy just poked his head out of the tent
wondering where his mom and dad were.
Dex wandering around.
Our camp site. Isn't this place beautiful?