Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Morning!!!

Bostyn got a lot of trucks, trailers, and four-wheelers. He loved them all. He loves his tent and new sleeping bag and the flashlight was his favorite. He wishes it weren't so cold outside so he could play with his new bat and ball.
Jadon's favorites were his automatic nerf gun, his video games, namely Lego Indiana Jones, Star Wars Legos, and remote control helecopter.

Zhoee loved her new doll house but didn't quite know what it was at first. She loved her new white puppy, dress up clothes, scripture tote, cute pink boots,and tons of princess stuff and books.
I had a wonderful day full of relaxing and sleeping. Bart and the kids on the other hand... They played, played, played!!! I scored these jammies for the kids on Black Friday for 3$ each, they fit well and were so soft. Not bad for 3$ pajamas.

Gingerbread houses

Some friends of ours had us over to make gingerbread houses for Family Home Evening. We had such a fun time. All the gingerbread was homemade and tasted wonderful! Our kids prefered the candy though. This picture was taken the next morning. Notice the boys have NO candy left on their houses and Zhoee's is still there.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I haven't really dared get anything ready for a baby quite yet.. Not until I heard one more time it was a girl. Today was the day.... For sure a GIRL! We will be in Mexico in 4 weeks so I have to wait for 5 weeks until the big 3D ultrasound. I got the OK to fly, relax on the beach, and hot tub!!! YEA!!! Just no scuba diving or para sailing for me! I'll watch Bart.

When it snows

They love to play in the snow.
Our sweetheart.
This boy is so stinkin cute!

I was getting the wipes and a diaper to change Bossy and he knew it too.... I turned to find him and it was silent and after looking for a second this is where I found him....Hiding from the dreaded diaper change.

It's finished!

Last night we finished the doll house! I can say "we" right cuz I did help with a layer of paint!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Carpenter!!!

Bart has been working on Zhoee's doll house at night!!! After the kids go to bed he sneaks out into the garage and works until the wee hours of the morning. I go out and check on him and he admits he's having fun making this house. He's gotten very extravagant and this house is HUGE!! It's 5 ft. x 5ft. with 7 rooms and 3 stories. I've admitted to him that I'm very jealous and I'll be playing with it every bit as much as Zhoee will be. It's ready for painting now, I just need to go out in the cold garage and get another picture! It'll have to be another point. maybe tomorrow.


How sad that these are the only pictures we have... all the rest were videos! Bostyn is happy to have Grandpa Tucker play ball with him (his favorite thing to do). The three two-year olds were great helpers, cleaning off the tables to get ready for Thanksgiving dinner.

Another stop at the Salt Flats

We are always ready for a stop to stretch and use the bathrooms at the Salt Flats on our way to Elko. Here are some pics of the kids and Dex while were were running around.

Princesses on Ice

This was a while ago but it hadn't quite made it to the blog and we had such a fun trip sooo... here are the pics of Zhoee and I at Princesses on Ice. We rode Front Runner down to SLC which was nice because it was so cold, snowy, and icy and I didn't want to drive. The show was very fun and I just enjoyed watching Zhoee, who was glued to every skater, every scene, and just loving the whole experience. We ate dinner together afterwards and then tried not to fall asleep on the train ride home. We had a fun GIRLS TRIP!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Doctor was wrong

RighT WhEN I wAS gEttIng UseD tO ThE idEa oF hAvIng AnoThEr BOy....

Well, I went in to my Dr. Apt. this morning and they have a new policy that no children can come because of the swine flu spreading so Bart stayed with Bossy watching a movie in the suburban. He joked about it saying that the only appointment he doesn't go to and the Dr. will surprise us and say it's a girl or something. Well....

During the ultrasound he looked a little perplexed and it took awhile to get the modest little thing to show us something but after SHE moved and gave us something to see the Dr. looked for awhile and said, "I think I was wrong last time." After looking for a few more seconds he said yep, THis is definitly a GIRL. HOLY COW! I couldn't believe it! Bart thought I was joking the first couple times I told him. Then when I started calling my sisters and my mom I think he finally knew I was serious. I called my sister and told her to haul all the girl clothes back up to Utah next time she comes! YEA, we're very excited. Barts getting used to the fact he won't have 3 boys, which he was pretty excited about. But, he's excited and I'm thrilled, Zhoee was happy to hear she'll get a sister after all.

Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon

I loved it! I really want to go again tonight. Unlike reading the book, where I cheered for Edward, I wanted Bella to want Jacob. He was so so good looking!!!!!!!! I loved him in the movie!
It was very fun to have a girls night! We started early and ate at Teppanyaki. So yummy and very fun to watch! and I caught the shrimp in my mouth the first try!!!! (impresive, I know)Then we did a little Christmas shopping and then off the the theater!

I woke up to Bart and Jadon whispering that Bart would take Jadon to school and to stay quite so Zhoee and Bossy would stay asleep so mom could sleep longer. Bart went in a little late to the office so I wouldn't have to wake up and take J to school. So nice of him, and I don't know how he kept Zhoee and Boss asleep. It was nice to sleep in! Thanks hon! :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sand Dunes Trip

Bart and Jadon left Thursday night for a little "boys trip" to the sand dunes. It sounds like they did a ton of riding, ate lots of treats, watched some fun movies, and had to snuggle up at night to stay warm. They made it home Sat. just in time for Jadon's basketball practice. Oh, that boy is sure growing up.


Jadon the skeleton at the school carnival.
Don't I have the best looking red neck husband? I can't even see Zhoee with all that hair!

Bossy and Zhoee strategizing on how their going to get the most candy!
How cute is my little Lion?
The bad green witch!!!

We had an exciting Halloween at the school carnival and then the next night at our ward party.


Sometimes when I'm inbetween reading books I want suggestions on something that someone else has really enjoyed. I am just finishing a series called "The Hearts of the Children" it follows the earlier series called, "The Children of Promise" which I read in college. I've really enjoyed these books and learned alot about my "parents era" as they take place in the 60's-70's. It's been addicting to follow the characters and see what choices they make. If anyone is wanting to get something good to read over the holidays this is what I suggest.
Today is the 20th anniversary of the Berlin Wall opening up in Germany and one character in the book is in Germany and allowed hardly any freedom, it's crazy to read about how many privledges they were denied over there- not so many years ago.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's a BOY!!!

We think anyway! At my Drs. Appt. yesterday the dr. was leaning toward a boy. I love my Dr. and the awesome facility he's at. I get an ultrasound every visit and pics and it's so reassuring to hear the heartbeat and see the little thing every visit. Yep, he thought he might have seen something- so we're thinking a boy! He said he could tell us 100% at our next visit right before Thanksgiving. So fun, because we have another boy on Barts side of the family due in March.
On the sad side, Zhoee started crying when I told the kids it's probably a boy. She wants a sister so bad!!!


Bart helped the kids carve pumpkins while I gathered all the seeds and roasted them.

Yummy-Love 'em!

Flag Football

Jadon had a fun time playing flag football. He really impressed us a few times with great moves and pulling flags!

Monday, October 19, 2009


So, I was just thinking about a lot of things this morning. While visiting my mom yesterday she told me one of my sisters' friends from High school had passed away in a car accident. She had been married a year and was expecting their first baby girl. I didn't know her but know her husbands family and I was so devestated to hear this news. How sad.
Bart had spoken in church that morning and his talk was so wonderful. He reflected on Elder Bednars talk in conference about concentrating on our families and spouses. He talked about words and how our words can make such a difference in our lives and those we're in contact with. He shared that we need to tell our family members we love them OFTEN, we need to pray for them and use nice, kind words ALWAYS and share our testimonies with our families in FHE and just casual conversation. Our lesson in relief society focused on the same thing: families, and helping our husbands and the importance of being sealed in the Temple. Hearing of something tragic like this makes me wonder why this happens? Why am I lucky enough to be married for 9 years and have 3 healthy, active children while this girl has to leave earth so early? I know that there is a plan for everyone and our Heavenly Father knows us individually. I think I need to use this experience to love and be grateful for my family even more and not take them for granted. Our familes are the most important thing: I need to get mad less, hold my kids more often even if there are dishes to be done, and play with my kids no matter how messy the house is. Life is short and in some cases we may lose our loved ones so suddenly! I'm grateful we are sealed together for eternity and I know we'll be together always!!!

New Countertops!

We absolutely love our house but one thing we've been meaning to change for 3 years is the fabulous 70's brownish-orange countertops and backsplash. It took Bart about 2 days from start to finish to replace everything. They look great! What a handy husband I have, lucky me!

After pics

During construction

The before

Xterra Triathlon 2009

This is the 5th year Bart has done the Xterra Triathlon at Snow Basin. He

does the mountain biking. They did great this year! I'm so impressed at how dedicated he is to training and getting ready. He rides a ton to prepare and for the event he rides 13 miles straight uphill from Pineview reservoir to Snow Basin ski resort.

Hunting 2009

Bart went hunting up at Causey Reservoir this year. It's really secluded and he had to canoe in to the mountain they were hunting. It looked beautiful from the pictures. He went with his brother, Clint, one day and the rest of the time he was on his own. On a Sat. of the hunt he stayed home to help me because I was really sick. I feel bad that he had to miss a day but I'm grateful for a husband who puts his family first. Bart and his brothers are already planning next years hunt in Southern Utah, where they usually go.

Clint and Bart
canoeing in
Sleeping in the suburban watching a movie. (a little too comfy for camping if you ask me)