Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Off to pre-school

Our Bossy started pre-school and today was the first day riding the bus!!! We all walked out with him to see him off. He did so great!!! What a big kid.

Tucker, Party of six

That's Barts favorite thing to say now that we have four children..... He say's "Ash, now when we go out to eat we'll have to hear 'Tucker, party of six" I personally don't think there are any restaraunts in our near future, not with four little kids.
We are loving our little Nayvi. It's funny how having her here makes me wonder how our family was ever "our family" without her. She is adorable and is such a great baby. She has her days and nights mixed up quite a bit, but I was prepared for that as I recall her kicking wildly inside my stomach in the middle of the night and nothing during the day. We had to keep her under the phototherapy lights the second day at the hospital until her belirubin count went down, luckily it did and we were able to go home Friday night. Then Sun. her level went up again so we had to keep her in the light system at home and I just hated not being able to hold her as much as I wanted to. Mon. it went down a little but we still had to keep her in the light bed. Finally, after her 5th blood draw her level was low and we got rid of the light bed. wheeew! My mother and father in law were here Thurs.-Sun. The kids loved spending time with them and I can't even count the projects my mother-in-law accomplished. This lady just didn't stop. She deep cleaned everything and caught me up on all my yard work!!! She exhaused me just watching her. My Mom shuttled the kids around while we were at the hospital and had them stay at her house, which they also loved. We are so blessed with such great parents! We have had so many friends from our ward come over and bring gifts, call, or bring dinner to us. We are so grateful for such wonderful neighbors and ward members who are so thoughtful and giving.
Here are some pics of the hospital, dr. visists, and just being home with our precious Nayvi. This is why I told Bart 1 hr. after I delivered her, that we just have to have one more. (scary thing to think right after labor, huh).
Off to the Dr. office again for another blood draw. Ohh, she's beautiful.
Bart set up the light bed in her crib, she slept so good in there.
Oh, look at those beautiful red lips!
Zhoee being goofy, she is the biggest helper, she loves to go get burp rags, binkies, etc... anything to help me. She loves her new sister.
At the Dr. office before the screaming.
Grandpa Romer checking her out.Grandma Romer visiting at the hospital
Grandpa Tucker holding Nayvi and Liam (2 month old cousin)
She's one day old and already knows how to snuggle with Mom.
Such a proud brother
Sometime in the early morning hours, whooo, I'm tired! She surprised us and came so quickly I didn't even have time to pull my hair back or anything.
Proud Dad

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Introducing Nayvi Mae Tucker

Any rhyme or reason to her name? Well, yes, a little. Nayvi.....we just liked the name and Mae is after Ashlee's late grandma Mable who Ashlee was very close to but died when Ash was 15.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

She's Here!

Ash went from a 6 to a 10 in 10 minutes. It was a little crazy watching the staff scramble to get ready.

Born at 11:01pm - 4/21/10

7lbs 2 oz

20 inches
Mom and baby are both great. No problems. She started nursing right away about 25 minutes after delivery. Congrats Ashlee! You did great. Love you.

Update from Mckay-Dee Hospital - 9:10pm - 4/21/10

Simply put....Ashlee had been pregnant long enough!

I got the call from her today and left work at 2:oopm to go home and get her. I got to make two trips to Ogden today. Ashlees mom took our kids and we headed for the hospital around 4:00pm. Its been a long process since we arrived in Labor & Delivery, (always is). She was dilated to a 2 when we arrived, (which is really humorous to us because this morning at her appt. the dr. told her she was at 4cm, WIERD) a 3 an hour later, had her water broke at 7pm, Epidural at 8pm & and has leveled off at a 5 as of 8:30pm. Time to start the Pitocin. The nurse started the Pitocin at 8:55pm and we'll see if that gets things moving. Always has in the past. Still trying to decide on a name. At least we have it narrowed down to 3: Navi, Olivia or Lilly. What's your vote?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Pinewood Derby

We had so much fun at the Family Pinewood Derby held last Sat. Bart and his Elders Quorum counselors planned a fun night of racing our family cars and eating cake and cookies. Bart made a pretty awesome car, he wasn't that "into" it at first but as he got going he was very competetive and he took 2nd place. When we came home he explained that he logically thought he took first because the guy in our ward who won 1st had inserted the wind-up wheels into his car. How clever, huh!!! (Bart is competetive about everything) There were NO rules so anything went and it was a lot of fun to watch.

The kids were all entertained
Here goes Bart's car.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Party!!!!

We just celebrated Bossy's birthday with a little party. He has been so excited and ready to open his "party". It's what he's been calling his presents. We are celebrating today instead of tomorrow because we wanted him to see his bike and have a Saturday to ride it all day long. He's been loving it!!!!
(Zhoee and Bossy came downstairs this morning and Zhoee was so proud of herself when she announced she helped Bossy get all dressed for his birthday party. He's in a sports pajama shirt and baseball shorts, we didn't have the heart to change his clothes. He looks good, right!)

Here he is opening a present from his Nana and Grandpa.

Riding the bike.

Bart helped decorate a baseball bat and balls for his cake.
Concerning another upcoming birthday.......On Wed. at my Dr. Appt. I was dialated to 3cm. and 75% effaced. I have been so anxious to go into labor already. But, now that it's Bossy's b-day tomorrow I'm OK to hold off for another week so their birthday's can be a week apart. We'll see what her plans are. Bart keeps telling me I'm going to go 2 more weeks until I'm started, I get mad at him every time. Never has 2 weeks seemed so long.

Friday, April 16, 2010

How movie nights end

Yea, we finally got a new camera! I love it! It's got HD video so it's basically just as good as our video camera. I just wanted to use it to show how movie nights end at our house.... Tomorrow we are celebrating Bossy's birthday (I'm sure I'll have more pictures). I was really anxious for this baby to come, but now since it's so close to Bossy's birthday, and I don't want them to have to share, I hope she waits another week so they'll have birthdays a few days apart.
Our Thumb Sucker

How sweet is he??

Monday, April 12, 2010

Air Force Museum


Lots of Barts family were here over the weekend for our nephews blessing. On Sat. they all went to the Air Force Museum. I had a volleyball tourney all day so I was occupied coaching, but this is what they did....Sorry, these are phone pics. Hopefully we'll be getting a new camera this week.

Bostyn, Zhoee, and I think Spencer (cousin)


Sunday, April 4, 2010


On Thurs. at my Dr. appt. we actually saw the hair on this little thing in the ultrasound. I told my Dr. that all the other three only had some peach fuzz and they aren't in a hurry to grow any within their first year either. He said, "Well, she has enough hair to do something with it." Weird, I've seen plenty of babies born with a full head of hair, just none that belonged to me. She had both hands up by her little face so there were no good pictures.
She weighed in at 6 lbs. So another few weeks and we're done cookin.