Tuesday, May 8, 2012


 We stopped in St. George on our way home and visited Great Grandpa Tucker at his new home since his hip surgery.  He's doing great with his physical therapy and walking more and more each day with the help of his walker.  He gave each of the kids one dollar.  They were eager to go to the dollar store to spend it on treats.
 Our first day at Kelsie and Isaac's house in Queen Creek, Isaac woke Bart up nice and early and they went rock climbing.  I'm just grateful Isaac kept my husband safe and alive.  Bart enjoyed it.  Kelsie and I were just ready to load up the kids to go find treasure at yard sales when the boys arrived home.  We were happy to not have to take the little kids.  I found some fun yard sale items.
 The kids..stopping on the side of the highway for a pee stop.
In St. George, Nana Tucker loaded up the kids with tons of treats, games, and books for the long ride to Arizona. 

 A bathroom stop by Lake Mead on our way to AZ.  Jadon and Bostyn were peeing and a guy yelled out from his car going by..."Watch out for Coyotes"  It was really funny.  The kids were all worried about coyotes lurking near.  ha ha

Zhoee loves the sun. 
Bostyn and Jadon had many water gun fights. 
 Bart and Nayvi
 Miles....He is so adorable.  He has changed so much since we saw him last at Christmas.
 Zhoee, Adlee, and Nayvi.  These girls stayed in Princess dresses or swimsuits the ENITRE TRIP.  I don't know why I packed any other clothes for them.
 We went on a beautiful Sunday walk before church. This is at the park by their house.

After church we went for a walk and the boys played some football. 
Monday: More swimming. 
This is so sweet.  The girls were saying goodbye to each other.  It brought tears to my eyes.  It is so sad they don't get to see each other more.  We need to do more FaceTime visits.   
Adlee said:  "Tomorrow when you guys are gone it will just be so hard, just so hard" 
 We stopped at Hoover Dam.  This bridge is amazing.  I remember the last couple visits it was under construction and it was so amazing to see it finished.  It's hard to believe there are people who can plan construct something so massive.  It was neat to walk across it and see the Dam.

 This picture freaks me out.  We were so high up.  
The whole time I was thinking just take a picture and hurry off.  
Next Stop:  Las Vegas.  We met Trisha and her kids at a fun park and splash pad.  
The kids loved the nice weather.   
 Trisha Lynn and her nice parents were nice enough to let us come over and swim, yet again.  They have a beautiful yard with an awesome pool.  This is Bostyn jumping off the rocks.  
Toward the end, Nayvi was too hot in the hot tub, but too cold in the pool so she just laid on the divider and we splashed her with the warm water. 

Another with Grandpa Tucker 
We stopped in Beaver (our tradition) at the cheese factory for a package of cheese curds and ice cream.  
 Only 4 1/2 hours and we'll be home!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Just seeing if I still remember how to complete a post.
Isn't it funny that after so much time has gone by since I've posted I can't think of anything to post because there is too much.
I will blame it on going back to school and trying to somewhat manage a home and four young children.  was out running the other night though, and thought how sad it was that the past year I haven't any fun stories or quotes from my children because I haven't typed them on the blog.  So, I'm going to somehow make sure I post something each week.

Last week was Birthday week at our house!!!  Bostyn turned 5 and then three days later Nayvi turned 2.  Bostyn had a friend party and we had 14 4-5 yr. olds here in the backyard and it was very fun.  They were all so great and luckily I had a couple neighbors stay to help out.

We went camping for Nayvi's Birthday.  We just made a last minute little trip up to Belmont Springs but it was so relaxing to take the kids swimming in a hot spring pool and then we grilled dinner and Jadon and I had a little basketball game.  yes....Jadon won the game.  He's either getting really good or I'm getting really slow.  Probably both.  I was so grateful for the spur of the moment trip because it seems that life has gotten so crazy we don't just play with the kids very often.  It was so great to not have anything cleaning, reading, yard work, do,  we just could play with our fun kids. We let the kids choose a movie to watch while Bart and I got their beds all ready but they were all out within 2 min.  So Bart and I stayed up and watch Monsters v. Aliens.  It was a great, simple trip.