Saturday, March 29, 2008

The car incident

We didn't knock on wood.....
Bart was talking about how a lot of his friends have complained about their wives' driving records and how they have caused many fender benders and made their insurance rates go up. Then he, in a surprised way, realized I have never caused any wreck, scrape, or dent on our vehicles. We were hit pretty hard at an intersection when we lived in St. George and while we were getting it fixed and driving the rental car I was hit from behind in the rental car, which caused us to get a second rental car. But neither of us have ever caused a wreck.... I hadn't really ever thought about it, but I was instantly very proud of myself.
The next day.......
I was coming home from our volleyball tournament in Lehi and Carlie and I stopped to eat dinner. In the parking lot a girl started pulling out and I thought she looked like she was quickly pulling out so I could take her spot. Then her SUV never slowed down and rammed right into the front end of our Honda. Wonderful!!!! The worst part was that she was a 21 year old who just started bawling and calling her dad and asking him what she should do. I guess I'm unsympathetic, but I felt very annoyed. When I got out my cell phone to call the police she practically begged me to not call, and she said her dad said he would pay cash and not involve the insurance companies. Yea right, I'm no sucker!!! So, the police came and we finished all the paper work and now poor Bart has a week of getting estimates and getting his car fixed. I'm sad he has to deal with it, but It would have been even worse if it was the Odyssey needing to get fixed.

So, technically, I still have never caused a dent, scrape, or wreck. I'm just the innocent victim.

Friday, March 28, 2008


Trish tagged me: This'll be fun...

10 years ago... I was 16!!! I loved being 16. I was playing sports in high school. Volleyball (always my favorite) basketball, and softball. Lindsay Davis and I spent about every second together... one reason: our boyfriends were best friends. HA! Clay Noyes and Tyson Knudsen. Oh my heck, it makes me smile just thinking about all those high school times. And yes, the big drama with the "Layton Boys" Any of my high school friends remembers that. I miss that good ol' Greg Gunn we would always hang out and listen to U2 and watch Seinfeld re-runs (actually that was probably back when they weren't re-runs) I remember Linds, Katee, Mirala, Cami, and Teresa and I would sneak into the Brigham Golf course at night and go skinny dipping, we thought we were so WILD! We also would sneak out of Mirala's house in Mantua and take her canoe out and swim in Mantua Reservoir in the middle of the night!!!! Good thing we weren't eaten by sharks!

Snacks I enjoy..
I love making Chocolate chip cookies, just so I can eat the dough.

5 Things on my to-do list...
Volleyball tournament in Provo tomorrow
Meet my sis-Carlie for dinner (at UVU)
Come home and fold the clean clothes
Get my visiting teaching finished
Play with Bart and the kids

What would I do if I became a Billionaire...
I really don't know. We would retire and just travel with our kids! There are so many places we want to see and experience.
We would love having all the free time to play with J, Zho, and Boss and watch them in all their fun adventures and hobbies.

3 bad habits..
I work best when I procrastinate and I'm under pressure!
I can't finish the laundry (it gets cleaned and folded and never put away)
I like to pick at Barts back zits- I know that's gross- sorry

Places I've lived..
Brigham City- Born and raised, and now I've returned to raise our kids here- Bostyn born here
Price- Went to CEU-played volleyball and Student Government
Cedar City- We finished school at SUU-Jadon born here
St. George- Got my first teaching job and Bart worked at Zions Bank
Farr West- Built our first home before moving to Brigham- Zhoee born here

Jobs I've had..
Papa Murphy's
Kindergarten aide
Discovery Telemarketing (I only lasted a month- it was horrible- the things we do to get through college:)
America Reads Program Supervisor
5th and 4th Grade Teacher
Volleyball Coach

Things people don't know about me..
I really really enjoy staying busy, but every once in awhile I just LOVE to talk Bart into keeping the kids away from me and I'll sit on the couch and snuggle up and read a great book. (it doesn't happen very often)

I now tag: Lindsay, Janae, Katie, Trish and Trish

Monday, March 24, 2008


I can't keep Bostyn away from his favorite new toy!!!!

Chicken Dinner?

I just finished reading with J and I walked into my room to Bart and Zhoee just laughing hysterically. I asked what was so funny and Bart told Zhoee to tell me what she had been telling him...... I thought to myself.... "What could be that funny?"
Zhoee blurted out "Winna, Winna, Chicken dinna" Where did she learn that??? Bart didn't know either but we just laughed and laughed.

Coloring some Easter Eggs

Bella and Zhoee, The two "girliest" princesses around

Tiff is such a great mom! Her instincts were right on... She was there everytime Bella and Zhoee would get up and down, up and down, from their table and would come soooo close to dumping all their little cups of vinegar water. Good Job saving me some laundry there Tiff, I owe ya!!
Trisha Lynn helped the kids tons too!!! Thanks.
Halle, Mikala, Haydn, Tiff (her good side:), Trisha

Treehouse Childrens Museum

On Saturday everyone went to the Treehouse Museum. Jadon, Zhoee, and Bostyn had a great time with all their cousins.
Of course, Zhoee had to take care of the babies. When we were first walking in I totally lost Zhoee and couldn't find her for a few minutes. I just thought- "where would Zhoee go?" Duh... To find a kitchen or to find babies! and that's just where I found her.

In school (it looks like Zhoee's trying to cheat)

Zhoee, Jadon, Halle, Haydn, Mikala

Bostyn took a time-out to chow down on some cheerios!
What a cute blue-eyed baby!! I just melt when he looks at me like that!

Thrown up on.......Three times

We were getting the kids ready for bed tonight and all the sudden Bart yelled, "Bostyns throwing up" In his efforts to move Bostyn to a garbage, Bart was thrown up on. I bathed Bossy and Zhoee begged to get in, when they were all clean and in jammies---- Zhoee starts complaining her tummy hurts. I picked her up and then next thing I knew I was getting thrown up on. ALL OVER!!!! I hurried to the tub and started taking her pajamas off and then I had to change myself. Then a few minutes later (after the second clean-up session) Zhoee bent over and acted sick again so I rushed her into my bathroom and we were close to the toilet but not quite there so my rugs get to be cleaned too.
Wow!!! What a night!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Birthday BART!!!
I love YOU!!!

It's quiet around here

Thursday all of the in-laws started arriving. We were spending Easter at our house because Easter was so early this year we didn't think it would be warm enough for our annual Easter Weekend Camping Trip. We had so much fun and stayed up way too late every night. The Tuckers are so awesome. We enjoyed having everyone stay and we were sad when we walked in from church and the house was so quiet. I must admit I'm looking forward to sleeping with ONLY Bart tonight and not trying to fit all 5 of us in our bed. OTHER than that I wish it would have lasted longer.

Sat. We all went to the Solomon Center and ate lunch and played. Bart came back home to find a suprise birthday party!!!! He really was so surprised. I was very proud of myself for actually keeping it a secret. He saw some old friends and a lot of family was there to celebrate with him. Happy 30th honey!!!!!
Some of the fun things that happened to make the weekend memorable:

1. Garrett sang the songs from the "Enchanted" soundtrack from memory. (while wishing he was in Disneyland again)

2. Bella (after great hesitation) made it down the "dirty outside stairs"

3. Dana's home-made rootbeer was a HUGE success, I was sad there was no leftovers.

4. Tate was walking all over the place.

5. We watched "I am Legend" Holy Crap that movie freaked more than one of us out. That movie was the other reason I had a hard time sleeping at night.

6. Taniel didn't pee her pants this trip. (that I know of)(Taniel is Barts OLDER sister)

7. Bart recieved many great gifts that will provide assistance in his OLD age:
antacids, old man slippers, hemroid cream, pill organizers, spectacles, hair dye-for gray hair,
velcro shoes, metamucil, denture bath, suspenders, many useful medications.....and many more!!!

8. Watching Clint and Garrett skip and bunny hop while our family did relay races in the gym after the party.

9. Hearing about how Clancy schooled all his uncles playing basketball

10. Coloring Easter eggs. Zhoee peeled her purple egg and just carried it around for a bit, then came and got her basket and eptied the candy out of a plastic egg and put in her hard boiled one. Good thing I saw it all or we'd have a stench coming from her room tomorrow!

11. Watching Braytons quick reflexs when we played duck, duck, goose.

12. Trying to fit 22 people in our house. (Bart says we'll try to finish the basement soon so everyone will come back) 5 others stayed at Clint and Megan's in N. Ogden)

13. Seeing Barts face turn a bright shade of Red when he first entered the room and realized everyone was there for HIS party!!!

14. Tiffani wearing her "breathing mask" in the gym.

15. Trisha borrowing Barts basketball shoes. (they were a couple sizes too big)

I'll think of more for later.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

In Fairytale Land

As Zhoee and I finished reading Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Little Mermaid she was finally starting to show signs of exhaustion from the day. She asked for her blankie and I did not want to get up and look for one of her silky blankies (which we should be taking away from her now) So, I told her to just hold my hand and I would lay by her. She abruptly sat up and looked disgusted. She said, "I can't, you not a pince." She can't hold her mom's hand now? Oh, brother!! She is waaaayyyy to into her princess stories.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


ALRIGHT, I thought I was the healthy one in our family. I've gotten sick (really sick) twice this winter. Once, when ALL the family (14 adults, 13 kids) stayed together at the Tucker's house for Thanksgiving. Then again this week. I have serioulsy been the most sick I have ever been in my life (I get the drama from Zhoee) It started Sat. night, body aches, headache, cough, chills, fever, EVERYTHING!!! Monday morning I made it to the Dr. and after blood work, chest x-rays, and a 103 degree fever- I was diagnosed with Bronchitis. My mom kept Jadon with her in our 4th grade classroom all day after he was finished with morning kindergarten and my sweet Grandma Jarrett kept Bossy and Zhoee at her house all day. I came home from my appt. took my medicine and zonked out. I slept soundly from noon-7pm. (Thank goodness I had my family, I couldn't imagine if I didn't have anyone to help with the kids) Bart came home from work early and picked up all the kids, made them dinner, washed all the dishes, and took care of me. Even though I slept all day I didn't have a hard time at all falling asleep again at 9:30pm. The perscription cough medicine really helped me sleep. I slept on and off today too, but, luckily I had more energy. I didn't answer my phone all day, because it hurts my throat and my chest if I talk too much (that's a problem for me). All my in-laws are coming to stay for Easter so I hope I can speak by then.
Happy Health to Everyone Else!!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sneaky Mom

Last night after Bart and I watched the movie we rented we climbed up the stairs and I told him tonight I was going to do something I want to do everynight but Bostyn will never allow it. I snuck into his room, carefully lifted Bostyn out of his crib and snuggled with him in the recliner. He was fast asleep the entire time but it was 10 minutes of Heaven for me. I just looked at his beautiful face and thanked my Heavenly Father for my little baby, his health, his sweet personality, and his presence in our home. I love you Bossy!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Time Changes... Who needs 'em

I have the hardest time getting used to the time change in the spring. Jadon complains about getting ready for bed when it is still light outside. He also thinks he should be playing outside with friends and riding his bike until there is absolutely no sunlight left. We are all struggling as we try to wake up to absolute darkness at 6:30am. We were at Target last night and it was still light at 7:15pm; when we noticed the time, we thought "no wonder the kids are so ornery they are probably starving for dinner. " We are just too used to eating in darkness. We'll catch up soon.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

McDonalds, Home Depot, Costco.....What a Day!!!

We picked up J from Kindergarten and rushed to see our friends. Rex, Reese, and Luke. It's so funny how in the past Linds and I have gotten together because we've been best friends since High School. This time the story has changed, I mean us mothers still had a good time but the kids are at that age now where they really enjoy each other and LOVE running around and playing TOGETHER. They are such cute FRIENDS!!! We played at McDonalds first and the best part was the ice cream.
Rex, Zhoee, Jadon
Rex, Zhoee, Jadon, Bostyn, Reese-who looks just like her mom, I might add.
Bostyn enjoying his first ice cream!!! It was a winner.

Luke- He liked his ice cream too, but not as much as Bossy did.

Luke (Lind's 9 month old)couldn't quite handle all the excitement!! Here is the video of him zonking out!

We had such a great day hanging out!! We went to Home Depot and then to do some grocery shopping at Costco. When I loaded Zhoee in the van- when we were going to the next stop --Zhoee would ask "Where my fend, Weese?" They loved playing together... and Lindsay was told by some people at Costco how cute her twins were!!!! They sure are cute blue- eyed blondies!

Tiling the Fireplace

On Monday they finally finished installing the fireplace with the thermostat, which meant we could tile. We got a late start and didn't finish until about 2am. Sorry, Bart, I bet you were falling asleep at work. I was a great helper and I am proud that this time I can say "We did the tiling" instead of "Bart did the tiling". I was was impressed with what we could accomplish in a few hours.

We still need to do the grout and touch up the paint. I went with my best bud Lindsay (and our 6 children) today and picked up our new blinds!!! How I love Home Depot!

Yes, These late night projects bring out the worst of our parenting skills. The boys went to sleep a tiny bit later than usual but Zhoee just had to keep an eye on us. She enjoyed her Crunch Berries and superivised the work. (Kelsie, don't beg for your blanket back-Zhoee's quite attatched)

Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Projects Never End

When I got home from our volleyball tournament tonight Bart and I decided to paint the railing in the entry. Its been bugging us for awhile because the wood was faded in places and it didn't go well with everything else we have worked on, so.....

Zhoee wanted to help sooooo bad. She decided she would paint the walls with water!!! We let her go to town. She always wants to be helping. (yea, she puts on her swimsuit late at night, in the winter, I don't know it must be a girl thing)

Almost finished, we just need to put the protectant on!!!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

A good nights sleep

Bostyn is the absolute best sleeper a mother could have. He falls asleep on his own, laying in his crib. I can't remember the last time I have gotten up with him in the night. It's been months. He is like clockwork. In bed by 8pm awake at 7-7:30am; When Bart is getting ready for work and I'm getting J ready for school. Maybe he'd even sleep longer if others weren't up making noise.
I deserve it though, I have my little Zhoee who is sooooo hard. She begs and begs to sleep in mommy's bed EVERY night. Then, on the nights I can get her to sleep in her bed she (like clockwork, too) is in our bed contently sleeping sideways between Bart and I, by 3:00am. She usually has her head by Bart and feet by me and I get kicked all night. Bart asked the other night "What if we didn't buy our King size bed?" Well honey, we'd be in trouble.
Good Night Everyone!!!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

sickness, snuggling, and laundry chutes
Yesterday my poor Bart was sick. He stayed home from work and just wanted to be babied. I actually really like to take care of him. But, I find it very hard to get my to-do list complete when he's home. I just want to be by him and talk or whatever else just not clean. He slept most of the morning and when I got home from picking up Jadon from K, I came upstairs and Bossy was sleeping all snuggled up to Bart. I was shocked, Bostyn does NOT snuggle, if you try he cries and pulls away, he will fall asleep just fine if you just lay him in his crib, and that's how he likes things. I've often complained about this... When Bart saw my face he just said "I made him snuggle, he didn't like it at first, but I forced him." It was a cute sight!

If you know Bart well, you know he has a hard time not staying busy doing something. I think that's the reason we always have fun house projects going on. After he had layed around and watched TV and played around with the kids enough he got up and declared "Well, I'm going build a laundry chute." It took him about an hour is all.. he's not finished yet..but maybe tonight. It goes from our master closet straight down to the bin I have on top of the dryer. PERFECT!!! Yea.. with 4 bdrms, 2 baths upstairs I feel like I am hauling laundry every trip down the stairs. I LOVE IT!!!! Thanks honey. I love how handy you are.

Monday, March 3, 2008


Zhoee was ready for an afternoon nap and took matters into her own hands..... This is what I found. Somewhere in the middle of all those pillows is my little girl, in only a diaper, fast asleep!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

3 vs. 1

Ok, first off, I'm not complaining I just want to share how hard (and humorous) it can be getting three kids 5 yrs. and under ready for church by myself. Bart has meetings before church so it is up to me.
Here are some funny things that happened while trying to get ready:

1. Cleaning up the toilet paper from Zhoee and Bostyn (last post)

2. Cleaning up the dirt I spilled on the carpet- we all filled little pots with soil to grow wheat grass yesterday and they were still sitting on the kitchen table (Thanks Janae for the fun idea, the kids loved it). Ithought to myself "I'd better move those to a better place before one of the kids spills them all over the floor." So in the process of moving them onto the office window sill I spilled one on the carpet (even better).

3. Took 10 min. to explain to Zhoee why she couldn't wear her princess dress-ups and high heels to church. She finally agreed to put on a church dress. I thought I was doing a good thing by getting her dressed before I showered so I would have a little less to do while trying to get myself ready.

4. I forced Jadon into into the tub after his fit, because he chose to not bath last night like his brother and sister.

5. I was taking my shower and the water would get cold all of a sudden and then go back warm and it kept happening over and over. I knew Bart wasn't flushing the toilet or anything cuz he was gone. I looked out into my bathroom and Jadon, wet and naked from getting out of the tub, is just laughing when I shriek as he turns my sink on and off, on and off.

6. After telling Jadon to get back into the tub and wash his hair I finish my shower in peace. Many of us mothers know peace is often a sign there is trouble going on elsewhere. Exactly- I turn off the water step out of the shower and here comes Zhoee in her dress, tights, dress shoes and she has just gotten out of the tub, too. Yep, she was drenched.

7. I went in the kids bathroom to yell at J for letting Zhoee get in in her dress and discovered all twenty wash clothes that were clean and in the drawer were now thrown on the floor after being soaked in the tub water. The floor was covered in 2 inches of water.

8. I yelled and got all upset and I'm really sad about that because later I was sitting in church just laughing about the whole thing. I mean how funny is that? The house just falls apart because the mom takes a 10 min. shower.

9. I tried to find Bostyn. He was in his crib, yet Zhoee had filled it with every toy she could find, the poor little guy couldn't even move.

10. Finally, we sit down in church and Zhoee finds Bart (blessing the sacrament) and continues to yell "Hi Daddy" and waves, getting as much attention as she can.

11. Bostyn poops the second we get settled. I'm stuck. I'm not taking all three of them to run around the halls while I try to change a diaper and I can't stay there, the kid reeks.

12. Jadon farts and laughs about it and then loudly say's- "Mom, I just farted, I think it was like a runny one or something" Oh, heaven help me!!!!!!!

13. The sacrament comes to us and (still by myself) I am holding Bos and trying to let Zhoee take the bread. She takes about ohhh.... 15 peices in a huge handful. What do you do???? Let her eat all of it, I can't have her put them all back, I wouldn't want to take a piece that was just in the snotty, sticky, hands of a two year old.

And I'll finish with #13, I guess I really was unlucky today!

With all these challenges I think we must be doing the right thing- Why else would Satan be trying so hard to keep us from church???

A New Discovery

This morning Bostyn, cruising around on all fours, discovered a device mounted on the wall by the toilet. He stood up to it and found out that if he made it twirl with his hand soft white toilet paper would pile up on the floor by his feet. HOW FUN. Luckily I saw him after only a few seconds and I rerouted him to his room and surrounded him with other toys hoping he would forget about his new toy he discovered. I went back into the bathroom to clean up only to find Zhoee finishing his job. TOILET PAPER EVERYWHERE! I don't know how to keep up with three of them.... AHHHHH!!!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008


This is our Grandpa Tucker's house- Lesson: wait until your 16 to drive

"St. George Police arrested two juveniles after a short pursuit after the suspect vehicle failed to negotiate a turn and crashed into a house.About 12:30 a.m., today an officer saw a car with no headlight and attempted to make a traffic stop, but the car took off.Because the violation was so minor, the officer did not pursue but put out the description and license plate over the radio and the direction of travel. Another officer spotted the vehicle a few minutes later northbound on 400 East coming to 700 South. This officer was parked on the side of the road. The suspect car attempted to make a right turn, but did such a wide turn that it almost hit the police car, missing it by a couple of feet.The suspect vehicle continued driving recklessly east bound from that location and the officer pursued. Several blocks later, at speeds about 70 mph estimated by the officer who followed, trying to keep the vehicle in sight, the suspect vehicle tried to turn right again, this time onto 900 East, but failed to do so, going off the roadway, over a sidewalk and into the side of a condominium.The officer came around the corner to see the two male occupants fleeing on foot. Another officer was coming from the south and took one of the boys into custody and the other boy was taken into custody a short distance later after the officer told him to stop or he would deploy a Taser.The registered owner of the vehicle was called and it was found that the boy had taken his grandmother’s car without her permission. Both boys were examined by medical personnel as a precaution and then booked into detention for curfew, failing to stop at the command of an officer, unauthorized control of a motor vehicle and the driver also had numerous traffic violations. Both boys were 15 and indicated that the reason they fled was because they had no licenses. Neither of the boys was injured in the incident."

We are so grateful Grandpa Tucker is OK and his house is somewhat patched up. Repairs will get started soon.