Sunday, February 21, 2010

We currently have NO kids in diapers! Life hasn't been this way since before Jadon was born!! Does anyone else have a garbage sitting outside their garage door just for diapers.??? Our is gone and it's been so nice! and it smells a little better when we go out to the cars. I have 9 more weeks of this joy!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Baby update:

We were able to get a cute picture of her face this time! It wasn't burried in my back like before.
She still has a large round head and is measuring long legs. She sounds just like her sister. She weighs 3 1/2 lbs. now and the Dr. estimated she would weigh 8 1/2 lbs. if I went to my due date. I told him I hope I don't! (just a week early would be GREAT) He said we'd plan on April. She's looking good and I love this little thing so much already.

Bostyn came with me to this appt. and he was so cute, he kept lifting up his shirt to see if he had a baby in there too. Since he has been the the Dr. so much lately for his tubes he kept notifying every nurse and Dr. that he was NOT SICK and they didn't need to check him. CUTE!!!

My cousin Shelly Gardner is 24 weeks and is at the hospital right now with their little girl possibly being born soon: You can check out her blog here:
Keep their family in your thoughts and prayers!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Who is that?

Wow! Who is that handsome man on the right????

Pics from Elko

I sure missed my family as they all went to Elko and I stayed home for the weekend for a volleyball tournament. They sure had fun and I had some peace and quiet!!!

This is so funny! Bossy started climbing down off the barstool and just fell asleep right there! How cute is that! He must have really been worn out!

These are the three cousins who were all born within a month of each other.
Gus, Bostyn, and Tate
Bart reported that Bostyn fel asleep anywhere, anytime, except in bed at night!!!
Brave Bart loaded up the suburban with our three kids and he took Tate out there too!
4 kids to 1 adult??????

Saturday, February 13, 2010

I just have to brag

Either I am the best potty trainer in the world or I have the SMARTEST little boy....
Bossy is doing awesome!!! Totally potty trained. All week, no accidents. Bart took the kids to Elko for the weekend but I stayed for a volleyball tournament and while they were traveling Bostyn told him when he needed to stop to use the toilet I put in the back of the suburban :) He wouldn't go in his pull-up at all. Then Bart said last night Bostyn woke him up at 5am telling him he needed to go pee. Awesome! This little guys caught on so fast and is doing so well!!!!!!! I guess I was due for an easy potty trainer. He really likes underwear... the only problem is he doesn't like pants to cover them up. So we have lots of running around in his undies.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

OK, I just noticed on the little baby ticker that I still have 82 days left. That is FOREVER when you can't sleep because your back hurts, you pee every hour of the day, and wake up (from a miserable sleep) to pee at least 3 times, you have a hurnia on your huge pregnant belly that hurts when it's touched, you crave Chinese food constantly, your jealous of your sister-in-law who is due any day, and your house if up for sale so you can't let it get TOO messy!!! Can I make it?

Monday, February 8, 2010


I'll just blame it on pregnancy... But, I've had the most weird, realistic, dreams...AND a craving for pot stickers all week. I finally made them. Yummy. They tasted fantastic!

Dare I say, "Potty Trained"?

I guess I don't dare say it quite yet, cuz I've learned that it can all backfire when you think you're done and they're potty trained. But, Bossy is doing awesome. He doesn't ever need a reminder- I just see him in there on the toilet or he calls to me and has to show me the evidence in the toilet. He tells me he's gone pee or poo and then asks for help washing and then he knows it's treat time. I think the encouragement and example from Zhoee is really helping too!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


This is how Bostyn was found FAST ASLEEP IN HIS BED!!! How cute is he? We got a kick out of this and I just couldn't leave his room, I just sat there staring at him. How are we this lucky to have such a sweet, funny little boy?

Friday, February 5, 2010

While we were watching Peter Pan:

Zhoee: "Who do you want to be Mom?"

Me: (knowing she'd want to say she was Wendy) "I'll be the Mermaid wearing blue."

Zhoee: "Oh, you can't be her, I was going to be"

Me: "Ok, I'll be the one in the pink"

Zhoee: "Oh, well you can only be a mermaid if you have a mermaid barbie, and you don't"

Me: "I'll be Tinkerbell, then"

Zhoee: "Oh, Mom, sorry, I'm going to be her too"

Me: "Ok, I'll be Wendy then."

Zhoee: Ok, you can just be the dog then"

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The latest news!

My last drs. appt. we tried to get some really good pictures of this little gal but she was quite stubborn. She likes to face right into my back and really didn't want to turn. We got some cute pics of the side of her face and ear and of course her hands are right up by her face. The dr. commented on the large size head she has, and she has VERY long legs!!! Sounds like she' taking after her sister already.

Better Hearing

I'm so sad I didn't take any pictures to document Bostyn getting tubes put in his ears last week.
He was such a sweetie and so willingly went down the hall in the wagon with the Doctor. I actually had to pull Zhoee out of the wagon to go to the waiting room with me. When the surgery was done Bossy's Dr. told me there was so much fluid and and it was so thick and infected that he couldn't even believe he could hear at all.
I've noticed such a difference in his hearing scince then. He actually told Zhoee that the TV was too loud the other day... This coming from a kid who would always turn it up blarring any time he could. He's speaking better and using many words he used to not even try. He is using complete sentences with all the filler words. I'm so happy for him!!! He's such a sweetheart and the cutest thing ever.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Milestone

We've started potty training! I told myself I had to do this when Bart and I returned from our vacation. Soo... It was horrible the first day. I kept reminding Bostyn and then I got on the computer for min and I heard Bostyn calling me upstairs and I just knew there had been another accident. BUT.. I was wrong!! Bossy went #2 in the toilet all by himself! Wahoo!

A third of my life

OK, BEWARE!!! sorry to any readers (if there are any) this is that same old traditional sappy post about an anniversay, our love story, how much in love we are, and how perfect our life is!!! Alright- far from perfect but life is pretty good. This will be BORING to anyone except Bart and I. But, I like to blog my thoughts on this kind of stuff because it goes straight into our scrapbook.

WOW!!! Today is our 9 Year Anniversary!!! What a fun road it's been! I remember reading a friends' blog who, in talking about her anniversary, said being married young, her and her husband had really grown up together. I feel the exact same way. We've grown up together! We were both young kids when we started dating. I was just starting my second year of college and Bart had been home from his mission 1 1/2 years. I remember the complete surprise of his proposal after my last volleyball game of the season and a huge snow storm on November 10th, 2000 we tromped up the hill of the Provo Temple. And I remember answering and being in a fairy tale. A time every girl imagines. I remember it all sinking in and thinking "I guess I can call it off later if I'm not sure" It was just all such a surprise. I ended up being "sure" eventually though.
Then, in picking a date, I just couldn't wait till Spring Break like Bart had suggested so we chose Feb. 2, Groundhogs Day. And what a beautiful, sunny, perfect day at the Salt Lake Temple. After only 7 months and a camping trip in August where I forgot to bring my birth control we found out I was pregnant.
We finished college together while raising our Jadon. I remember choosing our classes and having to arrange everything with each other carefully so one of us could be home with Jadon. I would go to a class and then Bart would drive up and switch me so he could go to his next class. It's what we did for 2 years. I remember him working full time, being a full time student, and managing our apartment complex so I could finish school and spend time with Jadon. We moved 8 times in our first 6 years of marriage and have finally "settled down" in our home now and have been here 3 1/2 years. (Yet, our home is up for sale now)
We had so much fun graduating with each other from 2 colleges, then supporting each other as we each found jobs and decided what we were going to do with our life. Bart started working for Bank of Utah, we built a house, and had our baby girl, Zhoee ,all within a year. Then time just flew by. We moved, yet again, when Zhoee was just ready to turn 1, and found out that I was pregnant again. Our little Bostyn has been such a blessing to us even though I remember us both being a little stressed out with our crazy life with 3 kids and two of them less than 20 months apart. And it's been a whirlwind after that. Which scares me because all those old ladies who have always told me. "Enjoy every minute with your little ones because before you know it they'll be all grown up and your won't know where the time went." They were right. It's going too fast.
The country song, "I thought I loved you then" is my exact thought as I look back through our marriage: I remember thinking I loved Bart so much that day we got married 9 years ago. I really didn't even know what love was then. I'm just starting to figure a little of it out.

This man I married is incredible and I'm so lucky he chose to marry me. Over the years I've just started to realize how much I love him and how incredible of a father and husband he is. I'm just realizing that service for one another makes you love each other more and more. Bart does so much for me and if I ask him for help with anything he supports me and helps me. I've taught school part- time for the last few years and last Spring announced I was ready to stay home full time. I remember in college and after graduating truly feeling that it would be a waste of time to not work and use my degree. I told Bart I would always be a working mom. He supported me and then had to switch modes when I grew and changed my perspective and decided I could do more for our kids by staying home full time. He totally supported me and makes me feel like I actually do a good job running kids around all day, cleaning, making dinner and making appointments. I love that he makes me feel like I have the most important job!!! It can be a huge struggle just to loose a part-time income but he is so supportive and works hard to provide for us.
In 2006 we started to take a vacation for a week each year without our kids. It's been a fun tradition and I hope we can keep it up. We have such a great time sight seeing, laying around, talking, and remembering that without our crazy life of work, running kids around, making dinner, homework, kids coming into our bed at night..... We love each other and are happy to be alone together just like it started!!!!
I look forward to many many years together and I am grateful to know we can be together forever, and that's what it's all about.
I love YOU, Bart!!! Happy Nine Years! And, happy Groundhogs Day, too! :)