Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Morning!!!

Bostyn got a lot of trucks, trailers, and four-wheelers. He loved them all. He loves his tent and new sleeping bag and the flashlight was his favorite. He wishes it weren't so cold outside so he could play with his new bat and ball.
Jadon's favorites were his automatic nerf gun, his video games, namely Lego Indiana Jones, Star Wars Legos, and remote control helecopter.

Zhoee loved her new doll house but didn't quite know what it was at first. She loved her new white puppy, dress up clothes, scripture tote, cute pink boots,and tons of princess stuff and books.
I had a wonderful day full of relaxing and sleeping. Bart and the kids on the other hand... They played, played, played!!! I scored these jammies for the kids on Black Friday for 3$ each, they fit well and were so soft. Not bad for 3$ pajamas.

Gingerbread houses

Some friends of ours had us over to make gingerbread houses for Family Home Evening. We had such a fun time. All the gingerbread was homemade and tasted wonderful! Our kids prefered the candy though. This picture was taken the next morning. Notice the boys have NO candy left on their houses and Zhoee's is still there.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I haven't really dared get anything ready for a baby quite yet.. Not until I heard one more time it was a girl. Today was the day.... For sure a GIRL! We will be in Mexico in 4 weeks so I have to wait for 5 weeks until the big 3D ultrasound. I got the OK to fly, relax on the beach, and hot tub!!! YEA!!! Just no scuba diving or para sailing for me! I'll watch Bart.

When it snows

They love to play in the snow.
Our sweetheart.
This boy is so stinkin cute!

I was getting the wipes and a diaper to change Bossy and he knew it too.... I turned to find him and it was silent and after looking for a second this is where I found him....Hiding from the dreaded diaper change.

It's finished!

Last night we finished the doll house! I can say "we" right cuz I did help with a layer of paint!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Carpenter!!!

Bart has been working on Zhoee's doll house at night!!! After the kids go to bed he sneaks out into the garage and works until the wee hours of the morning. I go out and check on him and he admits he's having fun making this house. He's gotten very extravagant and this house is HUGE!! It's 5 ft. x 5ft. with 7 rooms and 3 stories. I've admitted to him that I'm very jealous and I'll be playing with it every bit as much as Zhoee will be. It's ready for painting now, I just need to go out in the cold garage and get another picture! It'll have to be another point. maybe tomorrow.


How sad that these are the only pictures we have... all the rest were videos! Bostyn is happy to have Grandpa Tucker play ball with him (his favorite thing to do). The three two-year olds were great helpers, cleaning off the tables to get ready for Thanksgiving dinner.

Another stop at the Salt Flats

We are always ready for a stop to stretch and use the bathrooms at the Salt Flats on our way to Elko. Here are some pics of the kids and Dex while were were running around.

Princesses on Ice

This was a while ago but it hadn't quite made it to the blog and we had such a fun trip sooo... here are the pics of Zhoee and I at Princesses on Ice. We rode Front Runner down to SLC which was nice because it was so cold, snowy, and icy and I didn't want to drive. The show was very fun and I just enjoyed watching Zhoee, who was glued to every skater, every scene, and just loving the whole experience. We ate dinner together afterwards and then tried not to fall asleep on the train ride home. We had a fun GIRLS TRIP!