Wednesday, August 27, 2008

iSN'T SHE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! mY SWEET LITTLE GIRL STARTED PRESCHOOL YESTERDAY. The class sang happy birthday to her and she got a Happy Birthday Crown to wear. She was very excited to share her cupcakes we made with her class for her birthday treat. It was so fun for her and she loved telling me all about school on the way home. When I went to pick her up she was swinging at the outside playground with the other kids and a girl came up next to her and grabbed Zhoee's arm and said, "Princess, lets go over here." and then when Zhoee and the girl kept going in their conversation she continued to refer to Zhoee as "Princess" How adorable is that???


tHIs IS thE sEcOND dAy OF sCHoOL

Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Zhoee!!!

Funny story: I left Bart in charge of writing Zhoee's name on the cupcakes while I was making a salad. When he announced "I'm done, how does it look?" I noticed he had spelled her name wrong. HA! He was just too into his work- He wrote it "Zhooee"good thing they were cupcakes and we could just take out the extra "O". Thanks for making me laugh babe!

We love our Zhoee so much and can't believe she's already three and ready to be a big girl and start pre-school tomorrow. We'll have two of our kids in school this year. I know Zhoee will just LOVE school she is the happiest, smily, little girl and makes friends with everybody. Since today is crazy being the first day of school for Jadon and he has a football game tonight we celebrated Sunday night. We had dinner and cake and ice cream and, of course, presents. She got a new baby (she named Sarah, and Sally- she switches off) new leggings and shirts for school, 2 new pairs of shoes, and a My Little Pony Family. Grandma and Grandpa Romer gave her a cute little pink coat, cute scrub pajamas and a girly pink laptop. She thinks she is so big time, we went to Walmart after taking Jadon to school and she had to sit in the cart and type away. She looked very sophisticated-which she was going for.
After Jadon was at school and we ran some errands every 5 min. or so Zhoee was asking where Jadon was. She misses him already. Even though they fight and bug each other all day she just doesn't know what to do without her big brother.
I told her we could do something fun for her birthday today and the first thing she blurted out was "I want a pop-ee, and go to the park". (her name for slurpee's) So that's what we did. Bostyn, Zhoee, and mommy celebrated at the park this morning. Get this- last Tues night we went to the same park and during the week have noticed one of Zhoee's flip flops was lost. This morning while she was sliding down the slide I noticed it, just laying there. HOW FUNNY!! We had no idea where she had lost it, either.

1st Grade

Jadon is such a smartie pants- he's going to love 1st grade. He said he can't wait for break and P.E. He's very good a math though and I think he'll have a great year. Last night he asked Bart to give him a fathers blessing and asked Bart to bless him that he can understand everything and not forget it and that he will have fun at lunch. Zhoee asked for a blessing right after his was finished because she thought it was such a neat thing. Thanks for being a great example J, We love you!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

XTERRA Triathlon

Bart participated in his 4th Xterra Triathlon today and his relay team did awesome. They took third place!!!!!! Bart has to mountain bike from Pine Lake up to Snow Basin its over 12 miles and straight up hill the whole distance. Last year they took third place too, but they were in a more competetive division this year. Bart did some damage to his back 2 weeks ago while he was at youth conference and wasn't sure how well he would ride. But he did great!!!!! Congrats!!!! I was really bad with taking pictures (I don't know how I forgot to get one of their team) so, we'll wait till pics are out on the website and post one of him riding. Good job babe, you amaze me.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Garden Fresh

Yummy!!! Today I picked some tomatoes and got my mom's recipe for her fresh salsa. I love this stuff and can scarf it. Look how yummy. Bart keeps getting caught popping the garden goodies straight into his mouth when he's in the backyard instead of letting me cook with them. He insists veggies tast much better when they are home-grown.

I had to post a surprising pic of Bossy when I went to check on the kids in the yard. I thought I was safe just checking the gates to make sure he couldn't go in the front and in the road. Nope now he's climbing all the way up to the tree house. I hurry and took a pic and then went to help him down. He shoved my helping hand out of the way and climbed down the ladder himself. I swear my other kids didn't do that at 15 months. He's not my helpless baby anymore.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ice Cream Raid

I let the kids have ice cream cones in the backyard after lunch. They had been playing outside most of the day and so it was a nice treat for a HOT day. The each shared with Bossy because I didn't want him to have his own and smear it all over everywhere..... I guess he just wasn't satisfied. I went upstairs for a couple min. and he had helped himself to licking the container clean. Clever little thing- he tipped over the garbage found the ice cream container and got busy!!! I just mopped my kitchen an hour before his little raid. (doesn't it always work that way)
Bart and I went to the Logan Temple last night and I told him the story and we both just laughed and immediately missed our cute little trouble makers.

Friday, August 8, 2008

pUshInG TrUcKs

I just thought I'd share these cute pics of Bostyn. This is truly his favorite thing to do. He will go outside and be fine for an hour just pushing his tonka trucks back and forth across the length of the yard. He's adorable. This time I caught him sitting in it!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Breaking Dawn

Yes, I was amongst the thousands of people who waited in line for hours Friday night to get their hands on this book. I waited with a couple friends from our neighborhood and we had a great time just sitting around without our kids for a few hours. I'm about 2/3 through the book and it is GOOD!!! I won't give anything away but it's sooo worth reading for anyone who hasn't got it yet.