Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The puppy: Day 1

Look at him get Bart's nose!
Zhoee was happy to have Dex lay on her lap during the long drive.
We just arrived home last night with our new puppy, Dexter. The kids love him and Dex is being very patient and full of play. We haven't had an accident all day. I've been watching him like a hawk and giving him treats when he does his business outside. Last night he slept in his kennel in J's room. He, of course, prefers to be where he can see someone. He whined at about 4:30am and I took him out and then he just went back to sleep in the laundry room and J just had to come down and lay by him. He's a great puppy and we've really enjoyed playing with him!

Still Snowing

Wow! We woke put to at least 4-5 inches of new snow and it's still coming down. After taking Jadon to school it took us 4 tries to get back up the driveway. It's not sloped too bad either. The kids and I are ready to put the snow clothes on and get on the 4-wheeler and start plowing. Bostyn's favorite thing to do!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Daddy's shoes

Bostyn walks around the house in my shoes, Zhoee's, Jadon's,
but he loves his dad's boots the most.


I LOVE this little machine. My wonderful mother-in-law gave this to me for Christmas! I'll let you in on a little secret. If you want your husband to help in the kitchen let him run the machines, It works!!! I just called him into the kitchen to help me for a sec. and he TOOK OVER and did all the work. He was quite impressed with the vacuum sealer. Chicken was on sale at Albersons so I bought 20 lbs. of fresh chicken and I can store it for 3 years with it vacuum sealed. (Although it won't last nearly that long at our house.)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Volleyball and being sick

Just thought I'd give a little shout out to my volleyball girls. We had a tournament in Lehi this weekend and they took FIRST PLACE. YEA!!! They had a rough start losing the first match but, they broke loose and played their little hearts out the rest of the day, beating the first ranked team! (maybe they didn't want their coach to yell at them again) I am so lucky to get to coach such GREAT girls. It's rewarding and a relief to see high school girls that are on the right track and making good decisions. CONGRATS to them!!!! We had a fun and LONG day!! We have kept up our season tradition: Always being the very LAST ones to leave the gym.
Thanks Bart, for supporting me in coaching. You do a wonderful job of being Mr. Mom when I have tournaments. I love staying involved in volleyball and am grateful for you encouraging me.

My poor Bossy is sick and I'm staying home from church to rub vicks on him and rock him to sleep. I hate him being sick but there's no place I'd rather be than holding him while he doesn't feel so good.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


My back hurt so bad when I got out of bed this morning. The culprit: kids!!! By 1:00am both Zhoee and Bossy had made their way into our bed. I was too asleep to walk them back to their rooms and let Bossy in the middle and then Zhoee on my other side. They both gravitated toward their mother and I was trapped and couldn't turn or twist all night long. Trust me staying in one uncomfortable position all night isn't good on the back.

Monday, February 2, 2009

And they said it wouldn't last....

Funny story... We were on our way to Colorado for a week of skiing and snowboarding for our honeymoon and we stopped for gas at some tiny town by Green River (Bart would remember the name) and I was inside buying drinks when a local guy asked me if I owned the decorated car that labeled us as newlyweds. I gave him a huge smile and said, "Yep, We've been married two days now." He laughed and said, "Oh, .....and they said it wouldn't last!" Bart and I have always got a kick out of that! Well, we have lasted... a whole 8 YEARS TODAY!!
I married my favorite person and best friend on Feb. 2, 2001. I love this man more than ever today!!! He is such a good good person with such a big heart. He spoils me, takes care of me, takes care of our children, is a hard worker, very ambitious and always going after something, he's quite handsome, he's a car mechanic, a handy man,a landscaper, a good listener (most of the time), athletic, corny, very funny and goofy, a spread sheet maniac, a worthy priesthood holder, someone who never looses his temper, he's patient, and did I mention he's really GOOD LOOKING?
When we were engaged many older people would comment, "You'll love him more and more after you've been married 5, 10, 25, .... years." That is a FACT!!!
Bart, you're truly meant for me! I wouldn't be "me" without you! I can share anything with you and you won't laugh or judge, well, maybe you would laugh... That's what I love about you!!!!
Thanks for the last 8 years of growing together, raising 3 beautiful children together, laughing with each other, and loving each other. I LOVE YOU! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY

I'm a believer - this works

I've recieved a couple email forwards about putting vicks on your feet when you are congested and coughing and the vapors travel through your body and relieve the congestions and cough. I told myself I'd try it next time one of us were sick. Well, last night Bossy started coughing non-stop right after he fell asleep. I put the vaporizer in his room and then Bart reminded me about trying vicks on his feet. My pediatrician has repeatedly told me that cough and congestion medicines don't do anything for kids under 3 so to not use them. We rubbed it on the soles of his feet put his socks back on and......NO MORE COUGHING!! All night, nothing more. He just slept soundly. It really works!!!! This is my new proven remedy.