Sunday, May 31, 2009

Little Sahara

We went to the Sand Dunes over Memorial weekend. The weather was a little unpredictable, which was actually quite fun. The rain made for some fun riding, but the best part was watching the kids learn to ride. We had a ton of people with us so we blocked off a little area in our camp spot where the kids could ride around. I found some time to read and relax, but my favorite part was Bart hauling me up Sand Mountain on his Banshee; it was quite thrilling and there was a beautiful view from up there.

Tate and Bostyn were ALWAYS on the little four wheelers. They were even doing tricks!
And, last but not least, Bostyn could have done this all day long. Always a Tucker favorite, riding on the sled behind the bikes! He had to wear goggles because he was getting sand in his eyes, but he sure loved this!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mowing the Lawn

I have really enjoyed mowing the lawn over the last few years and wondered why I actually like it when I dreaded it when I was a teenager and was forced to do it. My sister-in-law mentioned she loves it too! She stated, "It's the one thing that stays "Done" no matter what my kids do." As I was mowing this afternoon (to avoid doing the inside work) I realized how true that statement was. I mowed and my lawn looks great right now and no matter how destructive or playful my kids are this week it will stay mowed and looking good. The dishes, laundry, vacuuming, it's all just a matter of minutes before another dish is in the sink, another dirty outfit is thrown down the laundry chute or something is spilled. What a good feeling to have something stay "DONE"!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I have a new little niece today. Late last night my sister Kelsie had her little baby girl. I'm still waiting on pictures but we hear she was a little thing weighing in at 6 lb. 1 oz and 19 inches! Bart is flying me out there for 5 days to visit and to snuggle this little girl for my birthday present, but it's going to kill Zhoee to stay home and not get to go "help" with the baby. OK- just recieved pictures and she is absolutely beautiful with lots of dark hair!!! Go to Kelsie and Isaacs to see the pics.

Monday, May 18, 2009

The mind of a first grader!

As we were walking down the isles of Smiths, Jadon asks, "Mom, if Super Man were real and he battled Jesus do you know who would win?" Wow, his mind is always thinking!!! I didn't quite know what to say to that. He told me "Jesus would win because he is the most powerful being ever." OK-makes sense! And if that weren't enough for one day. We were on our way back home and Zhoee and Jadon were talking about when they would get married and who they would marry and love. (Zhoee thinks about this a lot, is that normal??) I told them they probably don't know the person they'll love and they'd meet them when they go to college. After a second Jadon quietly told Zhoee, "Mom's not always right, you could be like me and love someone in first grade." I couldn't get a name out of him though!!!! Funny stuff!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Family Pictures

We had family pictures taken last weekend! Here are some of my favorites:


I called right when I was leaving the gym after volleyball and Bart told me to meet him and the kids at the willard bay dock soooo...... Here is what we did Sat. night! The water was glass, no wind, and the water wasn't too cold either. OK it was! I didn't have a swimsuit or I probably would have gotten in. (Bart didn't bring suits for me and the kids cuz he figured it'd still be way too cold) I wouldn't get in in my underwear but the kids jumped at the chance. Hence, all the pictures of the kids in their unders. Next time we'll bring suits no matter how cold the water is. Our kids JUST HAVE to get in!!!! Bart skiied and wake boarded quite a lot and Jadon did a great job learning to drive the boat. What a perfect night!!!


Another year of club volleyball has come to an end. I always love coaching and even though we have a long 6 month season, I'm sad it's over. I have had so much fun with these girls at tournaments and practices. They are so athletic and amaze me. Throughout the season they were consistently in the top 3 in their tournament standings and yesterday at the Region Finals we finished 2nd place (out of 52 teams in our division). It was a heart-wrenching loss 12-15 in the 3rd game. But, these girls are only fresh/sophs, they have so much potential!!! Congrats girls.

Hogle Zoo

We went to Hogle Zoo Friday with Jadon and all the first graders at his school. We only had one other kid with us. Jadon's friend, Allerio, came along with us and we had a great time looking at all the animals. The favorite of the day: The crocodiles, giraffs, snakes, insects, the ball that moves on the water, and of course the carousel.

The kids loved the carousel!!!

The insects were a huge hit. The boys thought they were "so cool" Especially the scorpians

Bostyn loved watching the crocodiles. He stood here just staring at them forever!