Thursday, January 31, 2008

My late high school years was when I started highlighting my hair lighter. My senior year I went to Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta, and Guatelajara, for a 2 week long trip and since they rarely see blonde hair there I was followed and stared at the whole time. Men were saying, "OHH, look at the white hair, come let us touch your hair." Stuff like that. (Kelsie had a similar experience last time she was there, but they called her "Barbie") Well, as I was thinking about what color to put in my hair this trip to the salon, I thought about our cruise in 2 weeks to Mexico and Jamaica and remembered how I was uncomfortable and kinda scared that my hair brought me so much attention last time. So I told her to make me really dark, I thought it would be fun anyway. So, Bart was a little surprised when I came home, but he likes it. Zhoee, still keeps touching my hair and saying "Mommy's new hair."

OK here are the pics.
This is 2003? I think. Summer 2007, I had dark added with blonde here. This is 2004! Yikes, that sure doesn't look natural. Don't we all look back and wonder what we were thinking at times. (I'm with Bart's sisters, mom, and grandma, look at those blondies, I definitely won't fit in now) Today! Thanks J for taking my pic.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Our Appeal to the Insurance Company

This is a good one: I'm still laughing about this so I must share. Well, we recieved a bill last week for over $1,000 to Ogden Regional Medical Center. (keep in mind Bostyn is now 9 months old) Last year we had IHC through Bart but we also decided to pay a premium to get Altius through the school district to for double insurance coverage. We only paid to have me double covered though. I checked with both insurances 3 months before he was due and was told whichever insurance was through my employer was my primary insurance and I had to deliever at that contracted hospital. DONE! (I loved Ogden Regional, so that was great news) Well, today I called IHC and the lady was all confused as to why I would deliver Bostyn at Ogden Regional when Bostyn was covered by IHC. I explained that my primary insurance was Altuis and therefor needed to deliver there. Then she said "Well, thats fine but you needed to be at Ogden Regional and your baby needed to be at McKay Dee." Here's your sign. That would have been more than dificult! How funny (and frustrating) is that?

Our Deep Thinker
My mom and Jadon were on their way to school today and noticed the school flag at 1/2 staff. My mom asked J "Do you know why the flag is 1/2 way down like that?" He replied "Yea, Cuz President Hinckley died. But, I think we can raise all the flags back up again as soon as he's resurrected."

Monday, January 28, 2008

Remembering President Hinckley

My mom called us to tell us the news before it was spread across the TV and radio last night. At first I was shocked and sad. I guess I thought he was invincible and would just keep on living forever becuase of his optimisim and activity level. But, when we were watching the coverage on TV I told Bart I wasn't really sad at all. I was happy he was finally with his wife and so happy for all the service, inspiration, encouragement and love he gave to the world and to me. I was glad to spend our Sunday evening thinking about his life.
My sister in law, Megan, gave me Sister Hinckley's book, called "Letters" a couple years ago for my birthday. I loved reading about Pres. and Sis. Hinckley's life together completely through letters she wrote to family, friends, and to her husband. They sure loved, served, and respected each other and I get a smile on my face knowing they are together again. What remarkable lives they lived, I know my testimony is stronger and I am trying to be a better wife, mother, and church member because of their example.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Decision to be Happy!
Today as I was organizing Jadon's puzzles and helping him straighten up his room I noticed a song I haven't ever heard before on the radio. (You're Gonna Miss This by, Trace Adkins, I just added it to my playlist) As I started paying attention the the words the tears came rushing out. The song is about a mom and dad telling their daughter to enjoy where she is in life because when that stage is over she's going to miss it. From when she's 18, then a newlywed, and then with screaming children (that sounds familiar). She keeps wanting to move quickly onto the next stage. I remember a speaker at a fireside in college speaking about being happy right where you are now, not saying "I'll just be happy when we move into a big house, or when my kids are independent, or when I get married" But whatever stage you are in enjoy it and just be happy NOW. It was so emotional becuase the day before was rather challenging with Jadon being defiant, a messy house filled with construction going on, Bostyn rather upset about 3 teeth starting to poke through, and on top of that going to Ogden for a drs. appt. and being 10 min. late and told I needed to reschedule. AHHHHH!!! I had called Bart at work as I locked myself in our room and complained about how the day was going. He calmly game me a pep talk and I felt somewhat encouraged. I sat and said a prayer for me and for my children. The kind that you really pour out your soul and know you are being heard.
So, today as I listened to the words on the radio I felt so uplifted and happy to be a mom and actually content to learn from those struggles and trials of motherhood, I really will miss this when they are all grown-up.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Bossy and Taters

Bostyn's favorite cousin came over Sat. night. Why is Tate Bostyn's favorite cousin you may ask??? Not becuase they play sPorts toGetHer or carry on meaNingful conVersatiOns.

NO, it's because Tate's binky tastes as good as his own. (and Tate seems to think the same way about Bostyns) It was so funny, they continued to grab each others binkies at the exact same time, all night. The funniest part was when they each were stressing out because they had the handle part in their mouths and couldn't figure out how to turn them around to get the "Good Stuff."

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Barts getting jealous

74%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Frozen Dinner Club

Coming home from church today I realized nothing had been planned for dinner. I quickly pulled out a frozen dinner from the garage freezer and in 30 sec. some yummy homemade beef chimichunga's were in the oven. They cooked for 25 min. and we were ready to eat. I absolutely love these frozen dinners on days like this. There are 11 of us and we meet the second monday of every month and exchange meals. Everyone makes 10 of their same meal and we switch. So we all have 10 differnet frozen meals to use on such occasions every month. Such a time and money saver. I LOVE IT!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hummmm, What should we do today???


5 sheets of drywall: $50.00
Crown Moulding: $40.00
Recessed Lights: $70.00
Having my husband remodel my kitchen: Priceless

YEA, Bart just kinda decided to take out the lowered ceiling in the kitchen today. There is still lots to go but it'll look great when we get it finished. Bart is putting in new counter tops and lighting. I have a new island with seating and bar stools all picked out. I can't wait!

Seriously, this guy takes down a ceiling in the time it takes me to shower and put on make-up.

Our Buddies

Last night when we got home from Ogden I noticed "High School Musical II" was on TV. I love show's like that and wanted to watch it. (Yes, even though it is a corny young teenager show). Bart was gagging and DID NOT care to watch that on his Friday night ssoooooo.... My Zhoee and I went upstairs and enjoyed the movie together. She kept making comments about their dance moves and when they were swiming in the pool. I remember being so grateful and comforted that I had my little girl there to enjoy girly things with. When the movie was over we came downstairs to find all three boys busy watching hunting video's on the computer. Jadon absolutely loves doing those boy things with Bart. We are so lucky to have our little buddies to do things with when Bart and I don't necessarily have the same interests in everything.

What a BIG boy

Bostyn is now 9 months old. It seemed like I was in the hospital with him yesterday. I remember how scared and worried I was when he had to be whisked away into the NICU. (The cord was around his neck and he was struggling to breath) I remember sending Bart to be with him and, as I was alone, thinking I would do anything for this new little baby of ours. Only a mother can feel that "love at first sight" when she see's her child for the first time. I thank my Heavenly Father for him everyday. I doubted we would do very well with children 20 months apart, and now I laugh that I ever felt that way. (it is hard some of the time, well most of the time, but life wouldn't be life without all 3 of our kids) He makes our home such a happy place. Boss is still doing his "army crawl" to get around. He's just getting much quicker. He loves to crawl to anywhere there is tile and spin around and slide Bosytn shows our family examples of patience and love daily. He always smiles and laughs at Jadon and Zhoee and they always want to entertain and play with him. He deals with how active and loud they are as they run around him and sometimes knock him over or play with him too hard. He's growing up too fast. His favoite thing is to stand against the wall; hold my hands and walk with me; and he very content to sit and eat grahm crackers, his new favorite treat. (his fifth tooth is coming in now)
We love you, Bossy

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Playin in the Snow

Some pics to remind our family in Vegas and Pheonix of what that white stuff looks like!!!! Seriously, the shoveling is a pain but there isn't anything more gorgeous!!! The trees, the rooftops, the mountains, it's simply breathtaking.

Bart, J, and Zho decided to play in the 2 feet of snow we recieved today. They started a snow fort and slid down their sledding hill a few times. Zhoee would yell to Bart, "Want more dad" even before the tube slowed to a stop. They made "snow cones" out of snow and jello powder.

The best part was when Jadon came in and announced they were now ready to make their snowman and he needed body parts. He pulled out a carrot and a can of olives for nose and eyes. Then in serious excitement he shrieked, "He can have a pee-pee too!" A small can of Vienna Sausages held in his hand. I tried as hard as I could to hold in my laughter. What would I do without my boys???

Monday, January 7, 2008

Box Elder Volleyball

These are the cute girls I coach in Club Volleyball this year. Our first tournament was last weekend and they played great. These girls make my job so easy. They work really well together, and they are always positive, upbeat, and laughing at each other. They seem to take in what I say and are very "coachable". Congrats Girls. They won 1st place in the Bronze division. (13th place out of 50 teams) Awesome!!!

Thanks Bart for being so supportive with my choice to coach this year and being Mr. Mom over the weekend. Believe it or not everyone: I came home to a clean house and kids in PJ's ready for bed. I love you, Bart!!!

Baby New Year

A tradition passed down from Barts family.... Every New Years Eve the kids set one of their shoes under the tree and the next morning wake to see if Baby New Year came to leave them a gift for New Years. Jadon was on the ball. We were up and playing games and thought the kids were asleep and down comes a sleepy Jadon telling us he forgot to lay a shoe out. He was a little distraught that mom had taken down the tree so soon after Christmas but we instructed him to leave his shoe by the fireplace. Later.... way later... We noticed he took care of his little sister and brother too. Now, if that isn't love???Even better news, we're finally in the process of selling the old fireplace mantle in the living room and ready to pick out a new mantle!!! So, that's why it has the under-construction look.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

And, yes, you can still pass as 21!!!
We won't even ask this year.
We love you.


If you haven't read this book yet, you are missing out.
Hands down my favorite book of ALL TIME.
The night I got the book I stayed up till 7am (seriously) reading and still had a couple chapters to go. It was so funny, I found myself re-reading the parts I loved, just to soak it in again and I would read so slowly; I really didn't want it to end. When Bart and I and the kids woke up at 9am (New Years Day) Bart couldn't believe it when I told him I'd had less than 2 hrs. sleep. Bart thought I was a loony, but he told me to get some sleep and he went downstairs with the kids for breakfast.... But, I was naughty..... instead of sleeping I finished the book while I had some peace and quiet. I have never been so captivated and emotionally involved in a book!!!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

OUR 2007 SLIDESHOW the year in review

Cookies for Santa

I have to admit tears filled my eye's when I walked into the living room on Christmas Eve after the kids had been put to bed. Jadon had gotten into the tupperware of cookies we had made earlier that day and reserved them for Santa.

Another funny "Kelsie Story"

I just got caught thinking about this story and thought I'd better embarass my little sister, just to prove I'm doing my job as the "big sister"
Kelsie and Isaac were at our house and we were all sitting around talking, except the kids who were busy playing and doing their own thing around us. Well, Zhoee, had about 3 little babies in the room she was toting around playing with and kept shoving one of them in Kelsie's arms saying "teet" "teet". I really wasn't paying too much attention to Zhoee because us adults were having a conversation of our own. After a few minutes I did notice Zhoee looking confused and still saying "teet" "teet" and Kels looking confused but she slowly held up the baby to her breast and acted like she was nursing the doll. The situation became suddenly clear and I burst out laughing.
Zhoee frequently calls her dolls "Tate", because she has a little baby cousin named Tate. Kels thought Zhoee was asking to do something else........need I say more.

Kels, what would I do without you? You bring so much laughter to my life. I have always been so blessed to have you for a sister. I miss you so much now that you are in Pheonix, this wasn't meant to be tear jerker but I now type with tears falling. I was so sad yesterday as you and Isaac traveled back home and I knew it would be months before I got to spend time laughing, shopping, and simply watching you struggle changing my kids diapers and bathing them to help me. I love you and miss you more than you realize!!!!!! You have grown up so much since you have been married and moved away, it is such a blessing to hear your testimony, talk with you, and laugh.