Monday, October 27, 2008

Holy Cow!

I have noticed quite a few things Zhoee has been saying and I just can't believe how much she picks up from me. Then she turns around and and repeats things in the most "uhhh, I'm 16, don't you get it"tone. I'm going nuts!! Today was honestly the first time I thought it really is easier for me to put up with the naughty things boys do rather than deal with the attitude and drama of a girl.
Just a few minutes ago I noticed Zhoee shut herself and Bossy in laundry room. I opened the door and asked her if I could please leave the door open. She flipped her head and said, in the most disgusted tone, after a loud SIGH "Do I have to tell you again, I'm Hannah Montana and no, cuz you'll let all the warm air outside! Me and my honey need to be alone and then go to the store. Didn't you know Bossy is my honey now." Then a couple minutes later she pushed Bossy out of the laundry room and yelled, "And don't come back here, EVER, you're stinky" and slammed the door.
I just stared. I was speechless.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Hunting We Will Go!!!

I just put Bart's pictures on the computer and thought I'd post them. Arent' these guys all ruggedly handsome? They(Bart, his Dad, and his brothers) just arrived home from hunting in Southern Utah.

Isn't it beautiful, This makes me miss Southern Utah so much!

Bart, Clint, Richard, Garrett


Yummy! We seasoned and baked the pumpkin seeds!!!

We carved pumpkins a little early this year but Carlie was here and Bart was just ready to leave on another hunting trip so we thought we'd do it while everyone was here. We had a fun time!!!

I'm hard core

Carlie and I did a 5K on the 11th, and I've been running during Jadon's

wrestling practices. It's a good time when I only have the 2 kids in the jogging stroller and I'm not missing out on being with Bart when he's home from work. So my foot stared hurting while I was running and when I got home I saw this. Blood gushing from my toe! I just congratulated myself on what a hard core runner I am. Not really, but I like the thought!

Kids bathroom

With my moms help, I decided to tackle a project I've been wanted to do for a long time. I wanted to paint the kids bathroom and re-decorate. So with Bart gone, I did it!!! Here are some bath pics I took of the kids so I can display them in their bathroom. I need Bart to change the vanity lights still and I have some vinly lettering to put up. Hopefully tonight! Then I'll take some pics of the finished project.
I love this one of Zhoee's little bumb sticking up through the bubbles.

Can you tell J wasn't too excited about this? He thinks he's way too old to get his picture taken at all anymore!

Willow Park

My mom and I decided to take the kids to Willow Park in Logan on Sat. Just something fun to do while Bart was off hunting! The kids had a fun time. The best part was watching Bossy get so excited about feeding the ducks! He squealed and laughed so hard.
Carlie and her boyfriend Ryan came to town for Fall Break so they came too!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The inevitable

I know this unfortunate event happens in most families, sometimes more than once. I don't remember being too interested in scissors myself as a child but I do remember my sister Carlie chopping her bangs to her scalp and my mom crying over it.
I timmed Jadons hair a couple days before school picture day and after watching the event Zhoee was obsessed with the power of scissors. While supervised I always let her practice cutting paper so she can work on her skills. That's it, other than that they are OUT OF REACH and the kids know they are not supposed to have them in their possesion!!! This doesn't stop a naughty child.
Tuesday, while I was showering, Zhoee climbed up on our couter and somehow retrieved the hair cutting scissors. By the time I wandered into her room she had gobbs and gobbs of hair on the ground and in her hands. I yelled, then I cried, and cried more. She doesn't have thick, long hair, yet I was very fond of her fine, thin, yellow curly locks that I had been waiting three years to put into piggy tails and finally could do. That is NO MORE!!! I was forced to cut and then cut again all the long peices as an attemt to make her hair look somewhat attractive. It's a short, hip, spiky look and she looks cute as always but I am still sad when notice the 4 places I couldn't fix, she cut on a diagnal clear to her scalp. I guess that'll take a few months to grow in.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Isn't he a cutie? He is getting so old and handsome.

Jadon is getting to be such an aggressive football player.
He LOVES it when he pulls someones flag.