Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mamma Mia- our movie weekend

Carlie, Mom, and I went to see Mamma Mia on Thursday night since Carlie came up to visit for a couple days. It was such a fun girls night. I laughed really hard at some part and, to my surprise, found myself singing along. I didn't know most the words because Abba songs aren't my generation, yet, I knew most the chorus lines thanks to my dad and his love of all 60's, 70's, and 80's music. It was a fun show, I encourage all to go with a fun group of girl friends. We took the kids to the drive in last night and we saw Wall-e. I thought it was cute but Bart didn't care for it too much. We stayed late to see the 2nd show and saw Get Smart- it was funny!! OHHH- but hard to drive home at 2:30am!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Are we healthy yet?

So, It's so funny how everyday the clock reads 5:00 and I get so excited for Bart to get home from work. I think to myself "YES, he's about ready to leave, he'll be home in 1/2 hour" It means the laundry, cleaning, dishes, yard work, organizing, cooking...everything is finished for the day and we're going to play with DAD. Some of my excitment is because he will relieve me of our three kids for awhile but really I am so excited for him to just be home with us. Life is better when he's here. That being said...... Monday Bart called from work at about 3:00 and said he would be coming home because he felt so sick. Tues he stayed home and this morning we took him to the Dr. becuase he still had 102 degree fever, chills, body aches, and a terribly sore throat. He has a bad case of Tonsilitis (is that one word) He'll be home tomorrow too, because he'll still probably be sick, but because of Pioneer Day too. My point, I get absolutely NOTHING accomplished when he's home. I don't know what it is... I'd rather check on him, watch TV with him, whatever... I just stay busy doing nothing. I'm kinda ready for him to be healthy and go back to work. I love him more than anything but I am just not productive when he's here. Why is that???

Who's her mother?

I just had to post these pics of Zhoee. She looks identical to her aunt Kelsie. If I could erase the memory of labor and delivery I would believe she was Kelsie's daughter. Everytime Kelsie visits and she is seen with Zhoee people totally assume they are mother/daughter. I just would feel bad if Kelsie's daughter ends up having nappy hair, big ears, and looking homeless like I did when I was little. Sorry Kels. Anyway, we just love our Zhoee so much and think she' s the cutest thing ever. She went to Costco with me yesterday and pushed her baby in her little stroller and man she was so stinkin cute!!!! Clicking her princess high heels the whole way. (at least I couldn't lose her)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Other fun camping pics

I was cautious to make sure we had enough water in the trailer till the last day so I told Bart he had to wash the old fashioned way. In the lake. Clancy borrowed some shampoo and joined in.

At Calf Creek
Zhoee attempting to get more tickets by talking to the "grandpa's"
Two dirty faces. Bart just returned from a 4 hour ride
Bossy saying #1
I'm so sad Zhoee doesn't see Bella more often. They were such good friends and loved hanging out together. We've been waiting for them to get old enough to really "play" together instead of just pushing and scrathing and crying because they didn't know how to share.
The three boys: Bostyn, Tate, and Gus

The Carnival

The last day of the Reunion we had a carnival. It was so much fun. Everyone did such a great job preparing their booths. The kids all earned tickets a few days prior to the carnival by asking questions and talking to the "grandma's and grandpa's" It was such a great idea to get the young kids and Bart and I talking to and getting to know Bart's great uncles.

The cotton candy was a huge hit
Nana Tucker was in charge of the fish pond

Jadon shot some bottles with the bow and arrow
Zhoee just took a break to concentrate on her sucker

Pine Lake

We all rode down to Pine Lake and blew up our little rafts. The kids had such a great time and we all loved watching them. There was a little island that the kids rowed to. Clint jumped on a raft with Bart and we named it "Broke Back Raft" (pretty clever huh)

Broke Back Raft
Bart, Bossy, and Zhoee
Jadon and Bart
Zhoee, Spencer, and Mikala

Dana tried a log


We went on a ride to see where the guys camp when they hunt here in Nov. It is such a pretty place. Zhoee rode with Taniel and Bostyn with me. Boss fell asleep 1/2 way through the ride and I was struggling to hold him up. Isn't he a cutie.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hiking to Calf Creek-

We started early Monday morning hiking to Calf Creek. It was 6 miles total and by the end I was pretty thirsty, hot, and Bostyn felt like he weighed 100 lbs. But it was so beautiful!!! The water falls were gorgeous. The water was freezing- I wasn't as brave as Bart (who swam under the falls.) The kids loved every second of it.

Jadon and Mikala

The Creek

The boys (cousins and J) kept riding thier 4-wheelers down to a creek so us adults decided to go check it out. They were having a great time in the cold water.
Spencer and Zhoee

Bostyn and Dad
Spencer and Zhoee

A camping we will go.....Day 1

We just arrived home from our 10 day camping trip in Southern Utah. WOW!! We had so much fun and enjoyed playing with family, hiking, sightseeing, 4-wheeling, and everything else inbetween. The kids were so sad to leave their cousins and Nana and Grandpa.

The kids- all loaded up and ready to go
Bart- having way too much fun on his Banshee

This is a 4-wheeler ride some of us went on up Red-Canyon. It was beautiful. I was so happy to have my own 4-wheeler that was easy to ride.