Monday, June 30, 2008

Father-Son Campout

We spent Friday at Lagoon. Bossy stayed at home with grandma and my dad, Jadon, Zhoee, and I had a great time riding the rides and walking around. (Bart decided he needed to work since we're leaving for 1 1/2 weeks on Friday) Unfortunaly I pulled out the video camera and it wasn't charged. So no pics until I figure out how to get them off my phone and I'm sure they'll be poor quality.
At 5:00 I took Jadon to meet Bart and they left on their father son campout. Bart said Jadon is the most awesome camper. He helped Bart set up camp, and played in the mountains with his friends and kept informing Bart where they were playing with the walkie-talkies. They had a fun trip.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Riding the Train, Temple Square, and Gateway

On Sat. we decided to take the kids on Front Runner and go to Temple Square and Gateway. The kids loved riding a train and couldn't sit still. We saw some friends who we used to live by and haven't seen in years (who have 4 boys) so Jadon sat by his friends on the way there. We went to the church history museum which had an exhibit that was really fun for the kids. They played and played while Bart and I sat and relaxed for a few minutes. We walked around the Temple grounds and then went to the Gateway and ran through the fountains. A perfect cool end to a HOT day!!!

The mouth of a toddler

Zhoee was bugging Bossy while I was doing my hair so I asked her to come help me do my hair to try to distract her..... She said, "I not your mom, you need me call grandma?"

Tonight Bossy dropped a glass cup and it shattered on the tile and Zhoee was asking about glass so I was showing her some little peices so she knew what I was talking about. I told her it could cut us and hurt us. She very solomnly said, " And it could hurt our feeling too, and make us cry, that mean glass, it makes me very sad, it made a bad choice" She went off just cussing the glass in her serious voice.


Zhoee sat down for me to do her hair this morning and I thought, "Hey, it might just be long enough now I could try to pull up all her hair." She runs around so much in the hot weather it gets so sweaty and gross left down. So, look at this, it fit. She's almost 3 and her hair is getting long enough to pull all the way up. Isn't she a doll????

2008 Baseball Season

He really like to play catcher, probably because it helped him stay focused becuase he could touch the ball often. Once the machine pitched a high ball and it hit him right in his arm. It left thread marks right on him. OUCH. Good Job Jadon.
Jadon's 2008 baseball season

Jadon's last baseball game was last night. He is such a great hitter. He always hit the ball really hard and loved to run around those bases. Outfield was another story. He just wanted the time to pass quickly so he could get up to bat again.

Like all kids that age.. The post game treats are his favorite part.
Zhoee wanted to stand by J in this pic.... Very typical she had taken off her shorts and shoes to allow her more freedom to run around.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Another baby?

The other day we had lunch at the park with a lot of moms and kids from our neighborhood and ward, most of the mothers are pregnant some with very pregnant bellys. I completely felt outnumbered. Afterwards we went to my moms and Zhoee kept going on and on about mommys having babies in their bellies and asked grandma if she was having a baby and kept asking if she could check her belly to see if there was a baby inside. Zhoee has asked me everyday for the last week if I could have a baby in my belly "please". Today she came up to me lifted my shirt up and said "Mommy can you have baby in your belly please. I want to have a baby gill mom" Holy Moly she won't stop. I even caught her playing house down in the play room and she had a doll stuffed up her shirt and explained to me she was going to have a baby soon.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What a little faith can do......

Jadon is such a great boy. Naughty sometimes but obedient and faithful sometimes too . We were at this car place the other day far from any residential areas and there was a really friendly lab that quickly became friends with Bart and Jadon. We read his tags and couldn't get ahold of his owners so we thought we'd better take him home. Jadon absolutely loved having the dog with us and was so cute with him and I could tell he was worried about him being lost... After we took him home Jadon said, "I just knew we would find his house and Cole (his name was on his tags)would be safe cuz I said a prayer for Cole while we were driving."

Then yesterday Jadon was outside with this little pocketknife (don't call DCFS it's a kids one that was Bart approved) but even though it is a "kids" one and not very sharp he managed to give himself a small cut on his finger. Jadon ran inside and showed me and it was not even bleeding but you could see where the skin was torn. Jadon grabbed some frozen peas out of the freezer and ran out to the backyard. I followed to see what he was doing and when I stepped out he looked up with folded arms and said, "Mom, just don't talk. I'm in the middle of my prayer for my finger." Then today when we were on our way to swim lessons he announced, "Prayers always work, I saved Cole and my finger is all better."

Saturday, June 14, 2008

What a fun dad!!!!

Our kids are so lucky to have such a great dad!!! He loves to play with them and chase them around. He is so supportive and encourages them to do their best and try new things.
I came home from shopping all morning all morning with my mom and found this.... Our kids and neighborhood kids slip-n-sliding down the hill. Bart was lovin it as much as they were.

Last night after our birthday celebration he got out 2 of the four-wheelers and let J and Zhoee ride around with him. (I was all paranoid it would tear up the grass)
And he let them take turns handing from the roof by the patio acting like monkeys.
Happy Father's Day- Bart!!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

My Birthday Party!!!

Only my favorite people in the world were invited to my birthday party today. We had such a great time celebrating. Bart was missing (someone has to make a living) but going to the pool isn't his favorite thing anyway. So, we enjoyed the sunniest day so far in June by going to the outdoor pool. It's completely a different world taking three young kids to the pool (compared to two last year, my mom usually watched Bostyn while we went) We all had a great time. We met Bart at home and we ate a yummy steak dinner and birthday cake and ice cream. I have such a fun husband and kids who gave me money for some new clothes when I go shopping with my mom tomorrow, some bath and body works stuff, and balloons.

Bossy and Zhoee played together for awhile in the shallow end. I just couldn't keep track of my little swimmer Jadon. He is all over and doing really well swimming.

The yummy 2 layer cake Bart made!!!
It's my favorite- chocolate cake with rainbow chip frosting.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Try this on for size

I probably only blog about the messy, naughty, disasterous things my children do... They really are sweet and most of the time just play nicely with each other. But it's fun to tell about those (daily) outrageous happenings... Here is one.
Last night we were out in the yard and Zhoee gathered handfuls of dirt out of my potted plants on the porch and threw the dirt all over the porch. I brought her inside and told her to go get the broom and she would be in charge of helping me clean it all up. She put her hands on her waist and said, and I quote...... "I not in trouble mommy. You want peice of me?" In the most "don't mess with me attitude". I tried so hard to not let her see me laugh. Oh wow. What is she going to be saying when she is 16?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Backyard BBQ

This is late but I wanted to post it...
We had some friends over for dinner the other night and we all had fun talking and watching the kids play.
Bart, A.J., Mike, Linds, and Ali
Arlo, Reese, Rex
Reese and Zhoee
Zhoee, Bostyn, Luke, and Rex (Boss and Luke really liked pool)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


So our summer has been wonderful so far, we're just waiting on the weather. My mom and I took the kids up to Bear Lake last week and we enjoyed the indoor pool and watching movies because the rain would not stop- the lake was beautiful though.We were going to attempt to go to the outdoor pool today, when it started raining at 11:00am, our plans changed and we went to the movies instead.
I put Zhoee and Boss in the tub together while I was doing my hair and all the sudden Zhoee started crying. I looked in the tub and saw a big log of poop in the water. I grabbed them both and pulled them out as soon as I could but seriously that is the grossest thing. Then we're almost ready to get in the van and go to the movies and Jadon FLIPS OUT because his wallet (full of his 12$)won't fit into his back pocket (which he just HAD to take with him). It was a major drama. We finally made it to the show.
Zhoee just finished explaining to me that we have to say prayers again if we get more food- She wanted seconds of some of our dinner and she demanded we say a prayer for "this food too". Yesterday I handed out popsicles for J, Zho, and some friends and she needed to say a prayer. Today it was our snack of bread and butter while we were playing a board game, YEP, she had to bless it. What a cutie!!!

We kept our bags where Bossy could reach all the clothes. Yet, no matter how many other tempting toys we tried to give him he kept going to get my bra, he kept putting it over his head and strutting around with it. After the 3rd time putting it away I just gave up and thought it was funny. What a kid!!! We sure love him.

Monday, June 2, 2008

We're just "stuck together"

I was helping Jadons primary class because they had a sub and while we were in Sharing Time (is that what it's still called?) the topic was being together forever with our families. They were asked what it meant to be "sealed" to our families. Jadon, kinda sounding irritated, answered loudly, "It's like we're stuck with them forever". His voice made it sound like it was a horrible fate. I laughed. He was quite the know-it-all and blurrted out every answer without raising his hand every time. I'll need to whip him into shape, he's a teacher's worst nightmare.