Sunday, October 10, 2010

Peach Days 2010

Bart, my dad, and Carlie, ran in the 10k Peach Days Road Race. They all did awesome.
Jadon was in the parade holding flags with the scouts. Zhoee rode on the little train with the girls who were in the Peach Queen Pageant. They both did fabulous but were really worried about missing candy that was thrown. Bostyn wanted to get as close as he could to it all and as far as candy went.....he ate enough for everyone. We went to the carnival that evening and told the kids they could each ride a few rides. The lines were horendous and after just waiting a few minutes in the line to buy tickets (I hate waiting in lines more than anything)I bent down and told the kids they could stay and wait in line for hours and ride some dumb rides or we'd leave right that second and let them each choose a new toy at Walmart. Hands down....Toys won with a little prodding from Mom and Dad. We were happy to leave the craziness!!!! I did, however, get to walk around all the booths earlier that day with my mom and bought some fun hair bows for the girls and a new little tutu skirt for Zho.