Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Cruise

We returned last week from our nine days of relaxing, over-eating, laying out, walking the beach, enjoying shows, dressing up, snorkeling, swimming, hot tubbing, sleeping in, etc... It was a little hard to come back to reality but we were very ready to hug the kids. Here are just a few of the picture of our Mexican Riviera Cruise. We had such a great time!!!

My favorite part about this trip was my fun husband. It was so amusing to just listen to him speak spanish and kick it with the natives. He was always getting us killer deals on our souvoneirs, excursions, etc.. I would listen to him and he and the people he was talking with would laugh or whatever and I was always begging to be filled in with what they laughed about or what information he found out. It was so entertaining, I don't think I've really ever heard him carry on a conversation in Spanish until this trip.

On the deck-It was pretty windy!

We docked right by a huge air craft carrier

We loved our yummy breakfasts!

We woke up really early one morning to enjoy a sunrise on the ocean. We were up at 6:30am and after getting our hot chocolates we sat out on the very back of the ship and just relaxed and took pictures of the absolutely gorgeous sunrise!!!! How romantic!

En route to this tiny island that had some great snorkeling. It had tons of starfish, crabs, tropical fish and, get this, SEA LIONS. Yes, we've all seen sea lions- but, I thought it was quite the adventure to swim around with them. It was pretty freaky at first but they kinda just kept to themselves and we paddled along looking at the coral. This was such a fun trip.

With our g guide after we returned from our snorkeling adventure.

The boys

Lonny, Brayton, Richard, Clint, Ben, Bart

The Mariachi Band greeting us in La Paz

Cruise dinners are the best

Taniel and I walking the beach in Mazatlan

Mazatlan In Mazatlan Bart and I took a catamaran over to Deer Island and spend a little while over there and walked around. The ride was so fun and the water was the perfect temperature.

Kinda corney picture, but we were excited.

We just HAD to stop and buy some candy for the kidos!

In Cabo we did the Zip lines tour. We completed 13 zip lines, repelling, a comando bridge over a river, and some rock climbing. It was quite a fun day; we were just sad we didn't get to see more of Cabo's beaches. (maybe another time)

Some of the guides

Arriving in Cabo- In the horizon-Lovers Beach

Karaoke- We rocked the house singing "Goodbye Earl" I think everyone got a good laugh!

Trish, Taniel, Ashlee

The Boys- Eating dinner-Don't they all look so handsome!!!

Ben and Bart ready to go down the water slide. Trish, Taniel and I followed!!! It was freezing because it was so windy up there. I'd like to think I was brave for going down TWICE!

The Girls
Trisha, Megan, Ashlee, Tiffani, Taniel


blebaron said...

it looks like you had a lot of fun!

Hayley said...

Cruises are great aren't they?!!! Looks like lots of fun! I am glad you were able to get away and enjoy time with your hubby!!

Trisha D said...

Hey your blog was better then mine about the cruise. Good job it was fun to see your pictures.

Brian~Cami~Rian said...

Wow fun times! I wish I could have seen the karaoke! You guys are one cute couple. :)