Friday, October 22, 2010

New York City- Girls Trip

We spent lots of time in Times Square; there was so much to see and do.
Ready to tour Central Park.
Walking on the Brooklyn Bridge.
I took this one for Bart (his favorite store) Even the Home Depot is fancy in downtown NYC.
I was so happy we stumbled across St. Pauls Cathedral. This is the oldest building in NYC that is still open to the public. George Washington prayed at a pew here after his inauguration as the first President of the United States. They had so many displays of rememberance for 9/11. This church is right across the street from where the Twin Towers once stood. Remarkably it wasn't damaged. It was really a neat place to visit.
Had to take this picture.
We rented a row boat. We each took a turn rowing and had a fun time seeing more of Central Park from the water.
Me and Kelsie in Central Park
Me and Mom on the Subway! We actually did a pretty good job getting around on all the subways, sometimes we had to ask for help from a local but they were all very nice and helpful.
We visited the Manhattan, New York Temple
A fountain in Central ParkBuying my souveniers for the kids.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Circus!

YUMMMMM! Carmeled apples!!!
We had lots of fun at the circus. We picked up Grandma and then got dinner and we were off to SLC for the circus. The kids were so excited and rowdy I was so grateful to have my mom there to help with Nayvi so I could chase after the kids. (Bart was out of town for work) We had the cheap tickets up high but while were were finding our seats an usher at the ESA asked how many were in our party and handed me 5 tickets on the 4th row. They had messed up and not offered tickets in a certain section that was now opened up sooo..... It was way better than the nose bleeds where we were supposed to be.

Peach Days 2010

Bart, my dad, and Carlie, ran in the 10k Peach Days Road Race. They all did awesome.
Jadon was in the parade holding flags with the scouts. Zhoee rode on the little train with the girls who were in the Peach Queen Pageant. They both did fabulous but were really worried about missing candy that was thrown. Bostyn wanted to get as close as he could to it all and as far as candy went.....he ate enough for everyone. We went to the carnival that evening and told the kids they could each ride a few rides. The lines were horendous and after just waiting a few minutes in the line to buy tickets (I hate waiting in lines more than anything)I bent down and told the kids they could stay and wait in line for hours and ride some dumb rides or we'd leave right that second and let them each choose a new toy at Walmart. Hands down....Toys won with a little prodding from Mom and Dad. We were happy to leave the craziness!!!! I did, however, get to walk around all the booths earlier that day with my mom and bought some fun hair bows for the girls and a new little tutu skirt for Zho.

Jr. Peach Queen Pageant

I'm a month late but.....Zhoee was in the little Peach Queen Pageant this year. It's for kindergarten girls who are 5. She had lots of friends who were there too.
She was just beautiful!!!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

What Fall brings....

I have 10 min. so I thought I'd post.
Jadon loves third grade. He's doing great and I love his teacher. He's been doing AWESOME playing football this year and I love going to all his games. They are so fun to watch and it's so exciting when he has a good play. His coach is pretty hot stuff, too!!!!
He's playing tons of basketball. He is practicing with two comp. teams and we'll see how busy that keeps him this winter. He's such an athlete and I just hope we can keep on top of homework and scouts with all the practices. He has just earned his Wolf and will receive his award at his next pack meeting. Good job J- Thanks for being responsible and working hard.

Zhoee is such a darling. She really likes kindergarten and again, I love her teacher. I get to go help in each of their classes for a little while Monday mornings and I love to see them and keep up on what they are learning. She's in a funny little stage where she thinks I'm out to ruin her life at least once a day by something I do or say. She can''t keep her room clean to save her life but I must admit I remember being the same way. (or still am, oops :) She is working so hard at Ballet and really likes to practice at home. She is the one child I can count on to get her homework done, brush her teeth, get ready for bed, etc... without a fight. She's also very helpful with Nayvi and loves to take care of her little sister.

Bostyn can't believe he has to be left out of football and basketball practices. He truly doesn't understand why he can't play with the big boys. He always puts his hand up even with his head and tells me, "I'm willy willy big mom, I need to play too." Poor little thing. He'll sure be ready when it's his turn though. He and Jadon are best buds and they play sports together all the time. He loves pre-school and happily gets ready every morning. He is already doing "wheelies" on his bike among many other tricks and trying "no hands" I'm not a big fan of that one. He is a sweetheart and loves to sit with me and read books. Everytime he goes to play with friends or ride his bike I tell him to have a good time and he always yells back, "You have a good time too, Mom." Doesn't he know I'm just staying at home cleaning or cooking?

Nayvi is getting too big. She's up on all fours and not quite crawling but scooting everywhere. She covers a room really quickly to get whatever catches her eye. We have to be very careful what we leave on the floor. She is actaully sitting up by herself she just props up on an arm and pulls her little body up. She sits for a few seconds and falls over but...... She is the happiest baby. She really doesn't ever get fussy or cry unless I leave her alone and she gets bored. I really hate to see her get older is makes me sad she has to grow so fast.

Bart and I are getting ready for the Ragnar next year and trust me I need all the practice I can get. Bart is already doing great and last week signed himself up for the OGDEN MARATHON. We've been trying to run a few miles every other night and we're doing pretty good. I am playing volleyball and of course, love every second of that. I'm getting ready to coach again this winter and spring. The BE team is doing great this year and when I go watch them I can't believe how lucky I am to have the chance to coach such great girls every year. I am getting ready to go to NYC with my mom and sisters next week and we can't wait. Bart is awesome and is staying home as Mr. Mom all week with the kids. Good Luck, Honey. He'll probably do better than I do and the kids will LOVE mac and cheese every night :)