Wednesday, April 30, 2008

His knees must be too sore

So, today is the first day Bostyn has just been walking around ALL DAY. I haven't seen him on his knees. For weeks he's walked across rooms, to mom and dad, or to something if it was close by. Well, his knees must be sore because today he's been roaming around everywhere on his feet. (I have noticed his knees have been permanently dirty and rough from using them outside so much lately)
It kinda makes me sad to realize he's already 1 and walking around. My memories of his birth and cuddling him as a new born are so clear and nearby. How could it have been last year????

Monday, April 28, 2008


Bart begged me last week to agree to go to Moab so he could do some bike riding and we could take the kids hiking too. Well, his idea was to drop everything and just go that weekend. We had soccer and I was speaking in church on Sunday so it just couldn't happen. Our next free weekend would have been Memorial so we will wait till then. Bart and I haven't been there since college (before we were married)Even then it was with a ton of friends who knew what hikes to do and where to go.... So, if anyone has been there lately we want to know what the best hikes are. We really want to hike to Delicate Arch, and Bart is riding the Slick Rock Trail and he would like to hear about what anyone say's about others.

We must be doing something right!!!

There are many times during a day I ask myself "What am I doing wrong". But today as I was folding some laundry I went to the other side of the bed and found Zhoee earnestly reading the scriptures. I love it!!! She even rambled on and on when I asked her what she was reading. The funny thing this is Barts Spanish Book of Mormon he reads every now and then.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Jadon got ahold of the camera

Sometimes I go to upload the latest pictures and I find pics that I know Bart or I didn't take. Our Jadon loves to get his hands on the camera and snap away.
Here are a few I found this time around.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

The wonderful outdoors

We are so ready for warm weather. Bossy just loves being outside. He was born last spring so hasn't really experienced "playing" outside. He just loves pushing his bike around and trying to catch up to Jadon and Zhoee, and he doesn't mind the taste of dirt either.

Oh, the poor little guy gets hugs every few minutes from his loving sister.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

What a mind!!!

I just have to share a couple of the many creative designs Jadon makes. He is such a smartie and starting to write me notes and draw me pictures ALL THE TIME. I get a few a day at least. This is what he made at church a couple weeks ago. It say's "I don't want to be with the devil"

When I was picking Jadon up from school Mrs. Gray made me open his backpack to look at this one right away. She said it was the most interesting pictures she'd ever seen from a kindergartener. She told me their instructions were to draw whatever they did over the weekend. Well last Friday he had gotten a new toy, a little horse with a knight on top" He played with it all weekend. He told me he had a dream he was a real knight. This is him laying in bed at night dreaming.... He's the knight with a sword and sheild, there's a dragon and a castle. Cute huh!!! He even knew to draw that little thought bubble.

I'm ONE!!!

Oh, my sweet little baby boy turned ONE on Friday!!!
Time really does go by too fast.
Here are some pics of how we celebrated with him!!!!
This is a HUGE peice we gave him to enjoy!!

Jadon and Zhoee enjoyed making their own wrapping paper for Bostyn presents.

/. Bossy's Dinosaur Cake! Jadon helped me decorate this...He even put on some of the frosting himself. Some of you may think it's lame, but this is actually pretty good work for my cake decorating skills.

Bart grilled hamburgers and hot dogs in the backyard and we opened presents. It was such a nice, warm, beautiful, day! We all walked to the park and played afterwards.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Our Waitress!

The other night I was sitting on the couch folding laundry and Bart was in the office working on his lesson and here comes Zhoee with a cookie sheet full of misc. toys and stuff she had found around the house. She handed it to me and told me to eat my food. The crayons were my "fies" and another toy was my hambuger, she even told me something else was my ques-dilla (they always eat those when Barts in charge). I yelled in to Bart to tell him to come look what Zhoee brought me and he informed me he had already received his meal. Zhoee had already served him. He got lots of fries and a drink. He just wished it was real.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Skate Party!

What a fun night. Last Friday Discovery Elem. had a skating party in the parking lot. Kids were everywhere, it was so fun. Zhoee and Jadon each got a new pair of skates, by the end of the night they were pro's. (well, almost) Zhoee went back and forth between her skates and her scooter and even tried to ride her scooter with her skates on... She didn't do so well at that one. Jadon was Mr. social and had to introduce me to everyone he saw who is in his class. My mom came to help with Bossy and ended up taking him back to her house cuz he was getting cold. Bart was coming home from a business trip later that night so it was a great way to make the time go faster till he got home!

hum, I don't know exactly what this picture is of. Jadons skating off somewhere.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I thought I'd better post the pics from Barts recent trip to Little Saharah Sand Dunes with his dad and brothers and nephew. It sounds like they had a great trip. Bart keeps asking me when we're all going to go again. I'm woosy, I won't go until it's consistantly over 20 degree's at night. So it may be another week or so.

It was Bart's dad's birthday over the weekend so here he is opening his presents as they are loading up to come home.

Bart and his Banshee on top of Sand Mountain.

Ha, Bart was unloading his truck and set his camp chair down, suddenly a gust of wind blew it right into the campfire. It was toast!!!
Bart, Lonny, Hunter, Richard, Clint
Bart loves this place!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Scrapbooking....the new way

I've finally given in...... For years I have absolutely loved to shut myself in my scrapbooking area and just work work work. I love it!!!!! I love everything about it, the brads, the stamping, the yarn, ribbons, die-cuts, markers, eyeletts, cute paper, stickers... EVERYTHING.

I have fallen so far behind though, that it has turned into something I dread, do I keep going from where I left off, or do I start with our latest pics. It usually takes me my entire alloted time just to organize and get started..... and then Bostyn wakes up or Zhoee cries because Jadon attacking her.

So.. I started with some scrapbooking software last week and I love it. (I swore I'd always keep going the old fashioned way) I let the kids fend for themselves all day Tuesday and I was on the computer all day. (that was bad of me, but it was sure fun) I completed 82 pages. Can you believe that??? Sure, some I want to go back and edit a little more, but 82 pages. The old way I could get 1 page perfect in an hour. So I have converted.... I can get a good size book published for the price of 10 pages with all the goodies. It has been a stretch for me but I just love the fact that I can easily stay caught up and document my journal, pictures, stories and adventures.
And I can find another use for all the space my scrapbooking supplies are taking up.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Tagged again... and finally getting to it.

Katie tagged me......and then I kept putting it off and then Christina tagged me with the same tag... So, it took me getting tagged twice, but, here it goes.

I am supposed to get the closest book to me and turn to page 123, then go down 5 sentences and write the next three sentences.
Funny, because a few nights ago Bart and I layed on the office floor and we had great time just reading through one of his missionary journals. So it was still sitting on the office desk right by me. This morning during Conference I've been flipping through it....He actually did number his pages...

He's in the middle of listing some things he's grateful for:
"7- For being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day-Saints. The only true Church in the world and to be serving a mission and to have my life so well in order and to have the high standards and morals I have that I've learned from my parents.
Tomorrow- 32X32 push-ups y estudiar espanol. Buenas Noches."

What would a missionary journal be without goals for push-ups!!!! What a cute hubby I have!!!!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

When Daddy's gone

Bart loaded up the 4-wheelers and left Friday for the Little Saharah Sand Dunes (with his brothers and dad). Friday afternoon I told the kids we could go and choose any treat they wanted and we'd buy a new movie, too. Jadon asked, "Why?" and I told him, "Because Dad's gone." After I thought about it I had to clarify. "Not because we're celebrating that Daddy's gone.. It's just that we have to do really fun things while he's gone so we don't miss him so much... and the time will go by faster till he get's home" Jadon was satisfied with my explanation, and even more satisfied with a new Disney movie. All of us fell asleep snuggling on the couch but before I hauled everyone upstairs to their own beds I snapped pics of our sleepers and sent them to Barts phone.
The kids really miss their dad when he's gone, but we're happy he has so many fun hobbies!!!

He has to leave for a business trip to Albequerque this week, too :( I'll have to think of something else fun for us to do at home.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Look what I see....

This is the sure sign of Spring!!! This is what my flowers looked like on Mar. 25
And here they are tonight...
Yea, all my flowers in the yard are blooming. Last year they were in time for Easter weekend but Easter was so early this year they weren't quite ready....So, we'll get to enjoy them over conference weekend. I LOVE SPRING!!!

Celebrating with Mom

We went to Famous Daves for Mom's birthday dinner(although my dad admitted it was his choice). Carlie came up from UVU to join us and we all had a great time. Jadon and Zhoee stayed home so it was only Bostyn with us and he was quite enjoyable. Here he is flirting with his aunt Carlie. He always tilts his head and smiles.

Bossy loved the Potato wedges and the brisket!!! OK everyone loved the brisket!!!
We looked through all of Carlie's pictures from the cruise.

Carlie and Mom
Bostyn loved the raspberry lemonade. I'll need to make some with my garden raspberries this summer. Yummy!!!
I love birthday's because we always get to see family and get together for dinner or just cake and ice cream. Happy Birthday Mom!